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When a customer chooses to use cloud services, it means they will deploy all their IT infrastructure on the cloud managed by the service provider. One of the significant factors which will obviously impact the customer’s buying decision is whether a cloud service provider will provide efficient and timely technical support.
Amazon Web Services provides lots of support plans to meet customers diverse needs. Experienced technical support engineers and customer service specialists provide 24-hour one-on-one service to help customers take full advantage of Amazon Web Services services.
When the customer needs Amazon Web Services ’ help, they could contact our support engineers immediately via multiple forms of communication, such as email, telephone and etc. All the Amazon Web Services support plans can provide an unlimited number of case support. Customers can choose different support plans (from Basic to Enterprise level) according to their needs and pay by month.
‘I want to give my compliments to Amazon Web Services Premium Support!  One of the most impressive things about Amazon Web Services is the rapid response of their support service engineers. One day, I submitted a service request in the Amazon Web Services  case system. As soon as the message was sent out, the phone rang with a voice, ‘Hello, I am an Amazon Web Services support engineer…’  After a brief communication, the problem was completely solved.  Amazon Web Services Support has both efficiency and high quality!" said Donghai Chen, vice manager of R&D department at CNFOL.

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Providing fast, timely and accurate technical support is indispensable during the migration from traditional IT environments to the cloud platform. Amazon Web Services provides customers with round-the-clock (24 X 7 X 365) technical support services to help customers locate and resolve problems quickly. In AVA’s case, they received strong support from Amazon Web Services technical support team during system deployment. The whole business system was deployed on schedule and AVA was able to provide services to their customers. Cloud business center director Zhao Along said: “We had trouble in migrating the local SQL Server database to Amazon RDS. Our original database was backed up in file form but Amazon RDS did not support restore from our backup files directly. So we requested help from Amazon Web Services technical support team. After a comprehensive analysis of the problems we encountered, Amazon Web Services technical experts provided solutions and guided us to complete the migration of the database successfully.”

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Amazon Web Services provides different types of support services to facilitate customer successes in architecting, development, operation and maintenance. With such a full range of support options, customers can focus more on their business differentiators and less on undifferentiated heavy lifting.
Hikvision, a leading supplier of surveillance products in China, already had an in-house solution “EZVIZ cloud” before migrating their system onto Amazon Web Services global regions. During the migration, Hikvision encountered an issue that their Amazon EC2 performance could not meet expectations. To fix this issue, Amazon Web Services technical support team took immediate action to set up an integrated test cluster, simulate the customer production environment and undergo troubleshooting. All these actions were completed in only 24 HOURS and the final result even exceeded the customer’s performance requirement against direct connection of DAS by 24.4%. “After the solution was confirmed, the technical support team continued to provide professional advices and suggestions on Amazon S3 configuration and operation, Amazon EC2 connection, Amazon Route 53 resolution and etc. Their professional and efficient support are very helpful and enable us to focus more on our core business” Hikvision CTO Xingbo Li said.

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