Successful Cases of AWS Customers

Active customers, including those from Swire Coca-Cola to Liulishuo, are using AWS Cloud solutions to realize flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Quick response to business requirements
Reducing operation and maintenance complexity of the underlying architecture
Expanse and deploy the resources flexibly
Swire Coca-Cola selected AWS, shut down its data center and gained full access to the cloud.
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Support Customer Innovation

Engineered for Demanding Requirements



Comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy demanding requirements.


Rich controls, auditing and broad security accreditations.


Build hybrid architectures that extend your on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud.


Access as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as required with only a few minutes notice.

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Leading startups around the world are using AWS, from Airbnb to Zocdoc.

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With the help of the professional service teams of AWS, Galanz has quickly launched e-commerce and Internet of things platforms in just a few months to further accelerate the pace of digital transformation.


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Canaan is an Internet company engaged in independent R&D of AI chips and providing high-performance computing services. By transferring the chip design workload to AWS, Canaan's chip designing progress has been significantly improved. And the project cycle is more predictable. Also, more than 30% of the comprehensive cost has been saved.


Choose the cloud provider with proven experience in manufacturing operations


Swire Coca Cola closed its self-established data center and migrated all its applications to AWS, so as to improve the operational flexibility of the enterprise and start a comprehensive digital transformation.



With AWS, DW has realized unified global IT architecture deployment and resource collaboration. An O&M team with 14 members can support DW group's IT applications across 4 cities of Beijing, Ningxia, Singapore and Tokyo.


Born from Retail, Built for Retailers


Zhimatech has formulated data analysis solution on AWS specifically aiming at improving business efficiency of shopping centers, helping customers solve the problem of shopping mall drainage and realizing accurate advertising of brand customers.


Reimagine data-driven marketing


With AWS Cloud service, Microfun greatly improves the stability of system, reduces the O&M cost and fully guarantees secure and reliable operation of gaming business.


Behind great games, there's game tech.


By integrating Amazon S3 into its products, CraiditX has completed the development and deployment of its core product X-Behavior in just 1 month.


Less cost. More resiliency.


With AWS, LAIX has established a stable and reliable online learning platform, providing personalized English learning services for tens of millions of users.



With AWS, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology has got an excellent solution for its campus master station, administrative affairs system and all-purpose card hot standby database, which greatly reduce IT cost and expenditure and pressure on operation and maintenance.


Help you explore approaches to change remote learning and work


With AWS, Huashan Hospital has carried out quantitative pharmacological analysis research projects effectively and established dozens of applications such as App appointment, single disease database platform, scientific research platform for rational drug use, phase I clinical scientific research evaluation platform, remote consultation, specialty alliance, online return visit, etc.



With Amazon Aurora, JOINTOWN has easily realized the separation of reading and writing of the database and expansion on-demand with the needs of peak traffic satisfied in time and the overall database performance improved by 5 times.


From benchtop to bedside, innovate faster to improve patient outcomes and lower costs

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With AWS, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower has built a hybrid cloud architecture connected to existing data centers and its own servers, rapidly deployed cloud-based big data systems and connected the online and offline businesses.


From content creation to distribution, purpose-built media solutions so you can move faster, smarter, and more efficiently