AWS Support

One-on-one, Fast-response Support Channel

Whether you are new to AWS, or continuing to increase your adoption of services as you develop applications and build business solutions, we want to provide the right resources to support your success. Based on your current or planned use-cases, AWS Support provides a unique combination of tools and expertise to help you do amazing things with AWS.

Please create a case in Support Center or email for AWS China region support plan subscription and change.

Experimenting with AWS

Individual developers exploring the potential of AWS, looking for access to technical support resources to help quickly and effectively get started.


Recommended Plan: Developer Support

Production Use of AWS

Businesses looking for guidance and best practices to enable availability, scalability, and security of production workloads - reducing the need for reactive support.


Recommended Plan: Business Support

Business Critical Use of AWS

Businesses whose success is directly linked with the performance of workloads and applications, benefiting from high-touch proactive/preventive services.


Recommended Plan: Enterprise Support

Plan, Deploy, and Optimize with Confidence

  • Proactive Guidance
  • Best Practices
  • Account Assistance
  • Launch Support
  • Proactive Guidance
  • Your designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your primary point of contact who provides guidance, architectural review, and ongoing communication to keep you informed and well prepared as you plan, deploy, and proactively optimize your solutions. As the cornerstone of the Enterprise Support plan, your TAM serves as your guide and advocate, focused on delivering the right resources to support the success and ongoing operational health of your AWS infrastructure.

    • A dedicated voice within AWS to serve as your technical point of contact and advocate
    • Proactive guidance and best practices to help optimize your AWS environment
    • Orchestration and access to the breadth and depth of technical expertise across the full range of AWS
  • Best Practices
  • Like a customized cloud expert AWS Trusted Advisor is an online resource that helps you provision your resources following best practices to help reduce cost, increase performance and fault tolerance, and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment. While the four core checks are available to all AWS customers, the full power of AWS Trusted Advisor is available with Business and Enterprise Support plans.

    • Guidance on getting the optimal performance and availability based on your requirements
    • Opportunities to reduce your monthly spend and retain or increase productivity
    • Best practices to help increase security
  • Account Assistance
  • Included as part of the Enterprise Support plan, the Support Concierge is a billing and account expert who provides quick and efficient analysis and assistance. Your assigned Concierge addresses all non-technical billing and account level inquiries - freeing up your time to run your business.

    • A primary contact to help manage AWS billing and account-level services
    • Proactive guidance and best practices for billing allocation, consolidation of accounts, and root-level account security
    • Direct access to a billing advocate for payment inquiries, cost reports, service limits, and bulk purchases
  • Launch Support
  • For planned events, including advertising and product launches, promotions, and infrastructure migrations where a significant increase in demand for your resources is expected, Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) delivers a highly focused engagement to provide architectural and scaling guidance, and aligns real-time operational resources to support the success of your event. IEM is included with Enterprise Support, and available for an additional fee with Business Support plans.

    • Event planning and preparation based on your use-case and objectives
    • Resource recommendations and deployment guidance based on anticipated capacity needs
    • Dedicated attention from your AWS Support team during your event
    • Guidance and support as you scale resources to normal operating levels post-event