The Developer Support plan offers resources for customers testing or doing early development on Amazon Web Services , as well as any customers who:

  • Want access to guidance and technical support
  • Are exploring how to quickly put Amazon Web Services to work
  • Use Amazon Web Services for non-production workloads or applications

Plan Detail and Resources

Technical Support

Business hours* access to Cloud Support Associates via email

Customer Contacts

One primary contact may open an unlimited number of cases

Case Severity & Response Times**

System Impaired: < 12 business hours
General Guidance: < 24 business hours

Trusted Advisor - Core Checks

Access to the 2 core Trusted Advisor checks, and guidance to resources provision following best practices to increase performance and improve security.

Architecture Support - Developer

General guidance on how services can be used for various use-cases, workloads or applications.


Greater of ¥299 or 3% of monthly Amazon Web Services charges. See pricing detail.

For customers running production workloads on Amazon Web Services , we recommend alternative support options.

*Business hours are generally defined as 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in China time, excluding holidays and weekends.

**Based on the severity of your inquiry, we will make every reasonable effort to respond to you within these timeframes.