Amazon Web Services China Region Enterprise Support Helps Zixun Technology Achieve Secure and Excellent Operations

As a reliable partner for cross-border e-commerce sellers, Zixun Technology’s core products, including Ziniao SuperBrowser and LinkFox AI, have served millions of stores worldwide. To enhance business stability and achieve cost optimization, Zixun Technology subscribes to Amazon Web Services Enterprise Support. With the assistance of ES professional team, Zixun Technology has not only built a customized cost dashboard for in-depth data analysis and recommendations but also improved the stability, reliability, and security of its business applications following Amazon Web Services best practices.

10 Minutes

Core business systems' Recovery Time Objective (RTO) reduced to within 10 minutes through multi-region disaster recovery.

50% Savings

Professional cost optimization suggestions saved 50% of computing costs.

4.25 Million

Providing secure, reliable, and stable services to over 4.25 million stores.


Zixun Technology specializes in serving the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. Products like Ziniao SuperBrowser and LinkFox AI have gained recognition from millions of stores worldwide. Facing rapid business growth and increasing cloud-based applications, Zixun Technology needed to enhance business stability, continuously monitor security threats, and achieve long-term cost control. In October 2021, recommended by account team, Zixun Technology subscribed to Amazon Web Services Enterprise Support, leveraging its unique tools and expertise. By building a cost dashboard internally, optimizing application code, and adopting multiple security services for threat detection and handling, Zixun Technology successfully achieved excellent cloud operations.

Opportunity | Focus on Cross-border E-commerce to Provide One-stop Ecosystem Services

Founded in 2017, Zixun Technology, with Ziniao SuperBrowser at its core, closely follows the needs of cross-border e-commerce users. Leveraging core technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, it constructs a cross-border e-commerce service ecosystem. This supports global sellers with deeper digital asset security custody services and data operation guidance, aiding the internationalization of Chinese manufacturing. By integrating SEM, SEO resources, and strong customer acquisition capabilities, Zixun Technology quickly covered millions of stores. As of early 2024, the platform services provided by Zixun Technology exceeded 4.25 million stores, with the company owning 101 trademarks and 90 software copyrights globally.

Supporting cross-border e-commerce business requires stable, reliable, and secure cloud service providers. During its growth phase, Zixun Technology closely collaborated with Amazon Web Services, utilizing services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Aurora, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) to build core products such as Ziniao SuperBrowser and LinkFox AI. As business grew, Zixun Technology sought ways to further enhance service stability and cost optimization. "Customer experience is very important to us. Our business is tied to cross-border e-commerce sellers, so reliability, stability, and security are crucial, especially during major holidays and sales days. We need to minimize system maintenance and potential issues to provide a smooth sales experience for customers," said Wensheng Wang, Senior Vice President of Zixun Technology. "Moreover, for Zixun Technology, cloud resource consumption has always been a significant part of the company's cost. We hope to explore better ways to optimize costs and provide more cost-effective services to customers."


In the cost optimization project of Zixun Technology, Amazon Web Services Enterprise Support team guided us to build a specialized internal cost dashboard, which allows us to gain in-depth data analysis and optimization suggestions. These professional insights have greatly helped us achieve long-term cost savings goals. At the same time, the Enterprise Support team also guided our R&D team to adjust and optimize the business application code, ensuring that the applications comply with the best practices of Amazon Web Services managed services architecture. This not only reduces the demand for operational and maintenance resources but further enhances the availability and stability of data.

Wang Wensheng
Senior VP, Zixun Technology

Solution | Zixun Technology Subscribes to Enterprise Support to Start a New Chapter in Excellent Operations

To better ensure the stability and security of the cloud business environment and workloads, and achieve continuous cost control, Zixun Technology subscribed to Amazon Web Services Enterprise Support in October 2021. Leveraging unique tools and expertise of Amazon Web Services helped Zixun Technology achieve excellent cloud operations and provided support for long-term business development.

Professional Engineering Team Provides Guidance to Eliminate Application Building Obstacles

In building business applications, Zixun Technology used cloud-managed services like Amazon MSK instead of open-source solutions to support streaming data. Compatible with open-source Apache Kafka, Amazon MSK simplified the application building process, but version differences between managed and open-source services remained a key concern. "After understanding our needs, the Enterprise Support team helped us pre-check configurations and provided targeted best practice guidance, verifying potential issues during building and deployment, and synchronizing results promptly, aiding smooth application deployment," said Wenting Cao, Operations Manager of Zixun Technology. "With Enterprise Support team's guidance, we no longer worry about various issues during version maintenance, giving us more confidence in ensuring business continuity."

Combines Security Compliance Review and Security Services to Protect Cloud Workloads and E-commerce Sellers’ Business

To serve the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, Zixun Technology not only needs to provide stable products but also comprehensive security guarantees for users. Sensitive information such as financials, orders, and accounts in the e-commerce scenario requires encryption. Zixun Technology adopted widely used security transmission protocols (TLS) for data encryption and integrity. "As older TLS versions are gradually deprecated, we also needed to fully check and update TLS in applications. During this process, the Amazon Web Services ES team provided significant help. We could visually understand TLS usage in the cloud environment and update to the latest version instantly, improving our security defense capabilities without affecting business operations," said Wenting Cao, Operations Manager of Zixun Technology.

Additionally, under the Enterprise Support team's suggestions, Zixun Technology introduced Amazon GuardDuty for intelligent threat detection based on machine learning for its accounts, workloads, and data. Combined with Amazon Security Hub's centralized security warning capabilities, threats could be detected and eliminated before affecting business.

Custom Cost Dashboard to Make Expenditures Transparent

To achieve long-term cost optimization, Enterprise Support team guided Zixun Technology in building a custom cost dashboard based on Amazon Cost and Usage Report and Amazon Athena. This helped Zixun Technology's teams understand costs and usage through time-based and granular selection capabilities in charts and tables, predicting cloud resource usage and costs in the future. With the cost dashboard and management capabilities provided by Amazon Cost and Usage Report, Zixun Technology could not only grasp consumed cloud resources and expenditures promptly but also create future cost and usage forecasts based on business development and changes, adjusting service operations and pricing strategies to offer more cost-effective service options to e-commerce platform users.

Business Outcomes | Establish Reliable Disaster Recovery Architecture and Achieve Cost Optimization While Enhancing Business Continuity

Reduce RTO to 10 Minutes for Core Business Systems through Multi-Region Disaster Recovery

Relying on consultation services for application architecture provided by Enterprise Support, Zixun Technology's operations team received comprehensive best practice guidance, aligning business applications with Amazon Web Services solutions to enhance reliability and resilience. "Based on the characteristics of the e-commerce industry, Enterprise Support invited disaster recovery experts to review our architecture, and upgraded core components like Amazon Aurora databases and middleware for high availability. Leveraging Amazon Web Services multi-region advantages, we implemented primary-backup settings and automated failover, reducing RTO for core business systems to within 10 minutes and elevating the overall SLA of core products such as Ziniao SuperBrowser and LinkFox AI to 99.99%," said Wenteng Cao, Operations Manager of Zixun Technology.

Enhance Business Security and Excellence through Continuous Assessment and Inspection

By adopting Amazon Trusted Advisor included in Enterprise Support plan, Zixun Technology could promptly identify and address security risks and vulnerabilities. The Enterprise Support team provided prioritized recommendations based on Zixun Technology's business needs and scenarios, continuously evaluating whether the cloud environment met security standards and best practices, helping Zixun Technology respond to internet threats, enhancing operational excellence, and enabling over 4.25 million e-commerce sellers using Zixun Technology’s services to conduct business in a secure environment.

Professional Cost Optimization Suggestions Saved 50% of Computing Costs

As for cost optimization, Enterprise Support provided architectural optimization and cost suggestions, allowing Zixun Technology to achieve cost control goals while maintaining steady business growth. "With the new internal cost dashboard, our business and operations departments could gain visibility into every cloud expenditure and perform detailed analysis using interactive BI tools. Compared to previously obtaining cost lists through the console, the new dashboard is more user-friendly, allowing our team to gain optimization suggestions from cloud spending and take corresponding measures," said Wenteng Cao, Operations Manager of Zixun Technology.

Looking ahead, Zixun Technology will continue to leverage Amazon Web Services AI technology for more innovations in e-commerce scenarios, providing global sellers with multi-functional features like AI model dressing and product display, helping sellers transform their interaction with buyers, enhancing customer journey experience, and driving sustained development for Chinese cross-border e-commerce.

About Zixun Technology

Founded in 2017, Fujian Zixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Zixun Technology) centers around Ziniao SuperBrowser,closely following cross-border e-commerce user needs. Based on big data, cloudcomputing, and core artificial intelligence technologies, it constructs a cross-border e-commerce service ecosystem, providing global sellers with deeper digital asset security custody services and data operation guidance, supporting the internationalization of Chinese manufacturing.

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