Amazon Trusted Advisor

Amazon Trusted Advisor acts like your customized cloud expert, and it helps you provision your resources by following best practices. Trusted Advisor inspects your Amazon Web Services environment and finds opportunities to save money, improve system performance and reliability, or help close security gaps.

You can start with a free version of Amazon Trusted Advisor in the Amazon Web Services Management Console with two of the most popular performance and security recommendations, and access to these checks never expires. All of the Amazon Trusted Advisor checks are available to customers with Business Support, Enterprise On-Ramp, and Enterprise support. Why hire a cloud consultant? Start using Amazon Trusted Advisor today!

Trusted Advisor Best Practices (Checks)

Amazon Trusted Advisor provides best practices in four categories: cost optimization, security, fault tolerance, and performance improvement. You can use Trusted Advisor checks to monitor and improve the deployment of Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Auto Scaling, Amazon Identity and Access Management, and other services. You can view the overall status of your Amazon Web Services resources and savings estimations on the Trusted Advisor dashboard.

The two Trusted Advisor best practices that are now available to all Amazon Web Services customers are: Service Limits (in the Performance category) and Security Groups - Specific Ports Unrestricted (in the Security category).

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Features and Functionalities

Amazon Trusted Advisor provides a suite of features for you to customize recommendations and to proactively monitor your Amazon Web Services resources.

Recent Changes *

You can track recent changes of check status on the console dashboard. The most recent changes appear at the top of the list to bring them to your attention.


Exclude Items

The "exclude items" feature (formerly called “suppress”) allows you to customize the Trusted Advisor report. You can exclude items from the check result if they are not relevant; the excluded items appear separately, and you can restore (include) them at any time.


Action Links Beta

You can track recent changes of check status on the console dashboard. The most recent changes appear at the top of the list to bring them to your attention.


Access Management

You can use Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to specific checks or check categories.



You can refresh a check every 5 minutes. You can refresh individual checks or refresh all the checks at once by clicking the Refresh All button in the top-right corner of the summary dashboard.


* Available with Business or Enterprise-level Support Plan.

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