Getting Started with Amazon Redshift

Trying Redshift

Amazon Web Services account required: Step through the Getting Started tutorial to create and provision your first cluster, then load and query sample data in minutes.

Learning resources

  1. Read a conceptual introduction in the Amazon Redshift System Overview.
  2. Load and analyze your own data. See Designing Tables, Loading Data, Designing Queries in the Database Developer Guide.
  3. Analyze your data with any SQL client using industry-standard ODBC/JDBC connections. See Connecting to a Cluster in the Management Guide for details.
  4. Learn how to query data stored in Amazon S3, without moving the data, using Redshift Spectrum. See the Getting Started with Redshift Spectrum tutorial.

Doing a proof-of-concept?

If you are building a proof-of-concept solution with Amazon Redshift, we recommend that you read Building a Proof of Concept for Amazon Redshift. To request assistance from us for your proof-of-concept, click here.

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