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Modernize your data warehouse by migrating to Amazon Redshift

Data in every organization is growing in volume and complexity faster than ever. Yet, only a small fraction of this invaluable asset is available for analysis. Traditional data warehouses have rigid architectures that do not scale for modern big data analytics use cases. Hadoop systems work well for processing massive volumes of big data, but they're not a substitute for a data warehouse's performance and easy access to insights via SQL tools. Organizations that use Hadoop systems along with traditional data warehouses are unable to derive insights that require data from the data warehouse and Hadoop systems together. Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, and cost-effective data warehouse that liberates your analytics pipeline from these limitations. You can run queries across petabytes of data in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse and exabytes of data in your data lake in-place. 

In regions outside of China, Amazon Web Services, with the largest cloud DW deployments, was recognized as a leader by Forrester in the Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse (2018) report.

Why migrate?

Maximize your ROI

Amazon Redshift a cost effective cloud data warehouse and less than 1/10th the cost of traditional data warehouses. There are no upfront costs with Redshift and you only pay for what you use. Finally, Amazon Redshift eliminates cost of downtime and security issues. You can encrypt data at rest and in transit, isolate your clusters with Amazon VPC, and be compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and other industry-specific security regulations.

Set up, deploy, and manage with ease

Amazon Redshift is fully managed and simple to use, enabling you to deploy a new data warehouse in minutes and load virtually any type of data from a range of cloud or on-premises data sources. It automates most of the common administrative tasks to manage, monitor, and scale your data warehouse. It delivers fast query performance, improves I/O efficiency, and scales up or down as your performance and capacity needs change.

Get scale and flexibility

With your data warehouse on Amazon Web Services, you can go beyond data loaded on to local disks and query vast amounts of unstructured data in your Amazon S3 data lake - without having to load or transform any data. You can query data in open formats, including CSV, TSV, Parquet, Sequence, and RCFile. Having your data available in open formats in your data lake ultimately gives you the flexibility to use the right engine for different analytical needs.

Enable modern analytics use cases

Business Intelligence


Intuit is a business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax-preparation software and services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. Intuit migrated from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Redshift to reduce data-processing timelines and get insights to decision makers faster and more frequently. 

"With Amazon Redshift, our small team has handled a tenfold increase in data volumes while reducing the amount of time spent on system administration—freeing up time for value-add development."

Jason Rhoades, Systems Architect - Intuit

Predictive Analytics

4Cite Marketing, one of America’s fastest growing private companies, uses Amazon Redshift to analyze customer data to determine personalized product recommendations that retailers can offer at the opportune time to influence shoppers’ purchasing. 

“Amazon Redshift allows us to aggregate and analyze data at scale to drive insights and predictive intelligence that power our clients marketing efforts."

Jim Finnerty, Senior Vice President of Product - 4Cite

Amazon Redshift for predictive analytics

Real-Time Streaming Analytics


Founded over 30 years ago, Sushiro is now the top Kaiten Sushi chain in Japan. 380 Sushiro stores stream live data from Sushi plates. Amazon Redshift enables Sushiro to convert this real-time data into insights for demand forecasting, minimizing food waste, and improving efficiencies.

Real-time streaming analytics with Amazon Redshift

Ready to Migrate?

Migrate with automated tooling

Amazon Database Migration Service (DMS) is a self-service tool you can use to migrate your data from the most widely used commercial data warehouses to Amazon Redshift. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database.

Amazon Web Services Competency Partners offer a wide range of migration services to help you move your data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Through proven best practices and resources, partners can provide migration support that reduces the time and barriers of moving a data warehouse to the cloud.

Migrate with partners

Amazon Web Services Competency Partners offer a wide range of migration services to help you move your data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Through proven best practices and resources, partners can provide migration support that reduces the time and barriers of moving a data warehouse to the cloud.


47Lining, now part of Hitachi Vantara, is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner with Big Data and Machine Learning Competency designations.


Cloudreach is a leading provider of software-enabled cloud services. They have empowered some of the largest and best known enterprises in the world to realize the benefits of cloud.


Cloudwick is the leading provider of enterprise business and technology modernization services and solutions to the Global 1000. 

Tensor IoT

Tensor IoT's Amazon Redshift practice helps customers prove-out, pilot, and accelerate their cloud data warehouse initiatives with best-of-breed architecture, rapid data ingest, transformation, and modeling for analytics.


Agilisium is a Los Angeles based Big Data and Analytics Company with clear focus on helping organizations accelerate their “Data-to-Insights-Leap”.

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