Amazon Redshift RA3 instances with managed storage

Scale compute and storage independently for fast query performance and lower costs

As the scale of data continues to grow - reaching petabytes, the amount of data you ingest into your Amazon Redshift data warehouse is also growing. You may be looking for ways to cost-effectively analyze all your data.

With new Amazon Redshift RA3 instances with managed storage, you can choose the number of nodes based on your performance requirements, and only pay for the managed storage that you use. This gives you the flexibility to size your RA3 cluster based on the amount of data you process daily without increasing your storage costs. Built on the Amazon Nitro System, RA3 instances with managed storage use high performance SSDs for your hot data and Amazon S3 for your cold data, providing ease of use, cost-effective storage, and fast query performance.

The new RA3 instances with managed storage:

  1. Allow you to pay per hour for the compute and separately scale data warehouse storage capacity without adding any additional compute resources and paying only for what you use. Learn more on the pricing page
  2. Include AQUA, the new distributed and hardware accelerated cache that enables Redshift to run up to 10x faster than other cloud data warehouses by automatically boosting certain types of queries.
  3. Use automatic fine-grained data eviction and intelligent data pre-fetching to deliver the performance of local SSD, while scaling storage automatically to S3.
  4. Feature high bandwidth networking that reduces the time for data to be offloaded to and retrieved from Amazon S3.

You can upgrade to RA3 instances within minutes no matter the size of your current Amazon Redshift clusters. Simply take a snapshot of your cluster and restore it to a new RA3 cluster.

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