Amazon IoT SiteWise Pricing

With Amazon IoT SiteWise, you only pay for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage. You are charged separately for usage of Messaging, Data Processing, Data Storage, SiteWise Monitor, SiteWise Edge, and Alarms. This approach provides you with transparency because you only pay for the specific Amazon IoT SiteWise resources you use.

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Pricing Details

Amazon IoT SiteWise Messaging - China (Beijing)

Messages transport equipment data and computed data to, from, and within Amazon IoT SiteWise. Messaging is metered by number of messages ingested and retrieved by querying or publishing. A message can be ingested through an application programming interface (API) – a method that allows two software applications to exchange information, or generated by a computation over equipment data. A message can be retrieved when a property, such as a measurement of a sensor value, is published to Amazon IoT Core as a notification, or as a response to a query request.

Messages ingested through the API are metered in 1 KB increments. Messages published to Amazon IoT Core are metered in 1 KB increments, and this operation does not incur any additional messaging charges from Amazon IoT Core. to an asset property query request are metered for each set of up to 50 property values or every 4KB of data contained in the message, whichever results in a higher count of messages. An interpolated asset property request is used to estimate and retrieve the values of missing data points in stored time series data. Messages published in response to an interpolated asset property query request are metered based on the number of property values retrieved from storage to compute each interpolated value. For example, when using the API to retrieve hourly linearly interpolated temperature data of a pump or a machine over a day, 48 property values will be retrieved from storage using 48 messages to compute 24 interpolated values.

Additional charges apply for GET requests made against your Amazon S3 bucket when data results are retrieved from your cold tier. For more information about these charges, see Amazon S3 pricing.

Messaging Pricing: ¥9.19 (per million messages)

Amazon IoT SiteWise Data Processing - China (Beijing)

You can create production metrics such as Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) using mathematical and statistical computations in Amazon IoT SiteWise. Data Processed is metered by number of computations run.

Transforms and Metrics: You can use a built-in library of operators and functions in Amazon IoT SiteWise to create two different types of custom computations - transforms and metrics. Amazon IoT SiteWise continuously computes each transform and metric whenever the underlying data is updated.

Auto-computed Aggregates: Amazon IoT SiteWise automatically computes a set of commonly used aggregates such as average, sum, and count over multiple time periods (e.g., 1 min, 1 hour) for equipment data, transforms, and metrics. For each message ingested, these aggregates are metered as a single computation.

Data Processing Pricing: ¥4.60 (per million computations)

Amazon IoT SiteWise Data Storage - China (Beijing)

Once data is in the cloud, Amazon IoT SiteWise stores equipment and computed data in a managed time series database which automatically scales with your data usage and storage. Amazon IoT SiteWise monitors the size of your storage continuously to determine your storage charges.

Storage Pricing: ¥0.00382723 (per GB-hour) or ¥0.09185332 (per GB-day) or ¥2.76 (per GB-Month)

Amazon IoT SiteWise Data Export - China (Beijing)

You can export data from Amazon IoT SiteWise into Amazon S3. Data from your measurements, metrics, and transforms is exported as S3 objects periodically from Amazon IoT SiteWise to Amazon S3. You will be charged for the number of S3 objects created or updated by Amazon IoT SiteWise to export your data.

Additional charges apply for storing exported data in Amazon S3 and for PUT requests made against your Amazon S3 bucket. For more information about these charges, see Amazon S3 pricing.

Data Export pricing: ¥0.042445 (per thousand objects)

Amazon IoT SiteWise Monitor - China (Beijing)

SiteWise Monitor provides managed web applications for interacting with operational data from devices and equipment that send data to Amazon IoT SiteWise.

Monitor Pricing: ¥70.66 (per unique active user per month)

You will incur charges to retrieve data from Amazon IoT SiteWise and to publish the data to a SiteWise Monitor web application.

Amazon IoT SiteWise Edge – China (Beijing)

SiteWise Edge provides data collection and processing capabilities in the SiteWise gateway for local applications. SiteWise Edge capabilities are offered through packs.

Data Collection Pack: This pack enables data collection from common industrial data sources and transferring it to the Amazon Web Services Cloud. You can collect data from OPC-UA servers, Modbus servers, and over EtherNet/IP. You can transfer the collected data to Amazon S3, Amazon IoT SiteWise, Amazon IoT Core, and Amazon Kinesis.

The Data Collection Pack is free.

Data Processing Pack: This pack enables the processing of the custom computations – transforms and metrics – with Amazon IoT SiteWise asset models and visualizing them with SiteWise Monitor web applications on the SiteWise gateway. You can also interact with the data processed locally by the SiteWise gateway using the same REST APIs you use with Amazon IoT SiteWise in the cloud.

A Data Processing Pack is charged at ¥1306 per active gateway, per month. A gateway is considered active in a month if it connects to the Amazon Web Services Cloud to receive SiteWise Edge software configuration updates.

Note, that you will be charged separately for any other Amazon Web Services that you use – refer to specific pricing for those services. You will also be charged separately for Amazon IoT Greengrass which is used by SiteWise Edge.

Amazon IoT SiteWise Alarms - China (Beijing)

Alarms allow you to set up, visualize and manage rule-based alerts to assess equipment behavior and identify equipment performance issues. Alarms in Amazon IoT SiteWise are supported through the Alarms feature of Amazon IoT Events. You will incur charges for alarms you create in Amazon IoT SiteWise through Amazon IoT Events. See Amazon IoT Events pricing for details.

You will incur charges in Amazon IoT SiteWise for publishing messages to Amazon IoT Events that are used to evaluate alarms. You will also incur charges in Amazon IoT SiteWise for storing alarm states received from Amazon IoT Events.

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