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Amazon IoT Events makes it easy to detect and respond to changes indicated by IoT sensors and applications – such as malfunctioning machinery, a stuck conveyor belt, or a slowdown in production output – and automatically trigger actions or alerts in response. Amazon IoT Events makes it possible to easily and cost effectively detect system-wide events and trigger appropriate actions to drive results such as optimizing manufacturing efficiency or improving production quality.

With Amazon IoT Events, you pay only for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage.


Free Tier

IoT Events Free Tier is only available in the Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet. The Free Tier includes 2,500 message evaluations each month for a year.

Pricing at a glance

Message evaluations

Message evaluations are metered in 1 KB increments each time the event detector logic evaluates an incoming message to determine whether an action or a state change should be triggered or not. A 1 KB message evaluated by a single event detector is metered as one message evaluation. A 2 KB message evaluated by a single event detector is metered as two message evaluations. A 1 KB message routed to 10 event detectors would be metered as 10 message evaluations.

Actions triggered

There is no additional charge for triggering up to 2 external actions for each message evaluation. Incoming messages that trigger more than 2 actions are metered as additional message evaluations, in increments of 2 actions triggered. For example, the evaluation of a single message that triggers 2 actions will be treated as 1 message evaluation. The evaluation of a message that triggers 4 actions will be treated as 2 message evaluations.


Alarms allow you to set up, visualize and manage rule-based alerts to assess equipment behavior and identify equipment performance issues. You are charged for every active instance of an alarm that evaluates a message. An alarm is considered active in a monthly billing period if it evaluates a message at least once during a month. You will be charged separately for message evaluations associated with an alarm. You will incur incremental charges for Amazon Lambda and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) if you set up text notifications for alerts that are triggered by the alarm.

Alarms Pricing: ¥0.653 per alarm, per month

Pricing for alarms is the same across all Amazon Web Services regions in which Amazon IoT Events is available.

Message evaluations are metered in 1 KB increments, and can trigger up to 2 external actions. Each set of 2 additional actions is metered as a new message evaluation.

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