FreeRTOS Pricing

There is no charge for using FreeRTOS. The FreeRTOS operating system and software libraries are released under the MIT open source license, a permissive license with limited restrictions on reuse. To learn more about the MIT open source license, click here.

You may incur additional charges with FreeRTOS if your applications utilize other Amazon Web Services services or transfer data. For example, if a device running FreeRTOS connects to Amazon IoT Core, you will be billed for the use of that service.

For details on Amazon Web Services service pricing, see the pricing sections of the relevant Amazon Web Services service detail pages. Links to pricing for some of the commonly used services are listed below.

Additional Charges

Amazon IoT Core (If a FreeRTOS device is connected to the Amazon IoT Core)

Amazon IoT Device Management (If a FreeRTOS device receives OTA updates)

Amazon IoT Greengrass (If a FreeRTOS device is connected to Amazon IoT Greengrass Core)

Data transfer (If a FreeRTOS device initiates external data transfers to Amazon Web Services, they will be charged at the EC2 data transfer rate)

Amazon S3 (If a FreeRTOS device uses S3 for storage, requests, and data transfer)

Amazon DynamoDB (If a FreeRTOS device uses DynamoDB for data storage, throughput capacity, and data transfer)

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