Getting Started with FreeRTOS

To get started quickly, you can choose hardware that supports FreeRTOS features and capabilities from the Amazon Partner Device Catalog. If you want to get started without hardware, you can use the FreeRTOS Windows simulator.

Next, you can use the FreeRTOS console to get a custom download of the operating system by choosing the libraries relevant to your use case. The console will guide you through this process so you can begin developing immediately.

You can also find FreeRTOS on GitHub, SourceForge, or It will contain all libraries and hardware-specific porting layers, which you can selectively include or remove after download based on your use case. You can also access the stand-alone FreeRTOS kernel through any of these channels. For Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), you can download source code from the FreeRTOS GitHub repository and the companion Android and iOS SDKs from GitHub.

FreeRTOS is open source, so you are free to extend, modify, or delete any of the source code libraries.

Get hands-on with these simple getting started guides.

Amazon Partner Device Catalog

The Amazon Partner Device Catalog lists IoT devices that work with Amazon IoT. It allows customers to select development kits and embedded systems to build new devices, as well as off-the-shelf-devices such as gateways, edge servers, sensors, and cameras for IoT project integration.

Choosing Amazon Web Services-enabled hardware from our curated catalog can help make the rollout of your IoT projects easier by allowing you to build on the expertise of APN partners who offer hardware designed to work with Amazon IoT services. All devices listed in the Amazon Partner Device Catalog are available for purchase to get your evaluation, prototyping, and proof-of-concept started quickly.

Get Started with FreeRTOS

Step 1 - Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account

Getting started is easy – visit the  FreeRTOS console.

Learn with documentation

Visit FreeRTOS documentation for more information.

Start building with Amazon Web Services

Learn more about FreeRTOS features here.

Discover more FreeRTOS FAQs

Visit the FAQs page
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