Amazon IoT Core

Easily and securely connect devices to the cloud. Reliably scale to billions of devices and trillions of messages.

IoT Core Free Tier includes 500K Messages (published or delivered) , 2,250,000 Minutes of connection, 225,000 Registry or Device Shadow operations, 250,000 Rules triggered and 250K Actions executed per month.

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What is Amazon IoT Core?

Amazon IoT Core is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. Amazon IoT can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to Amazon Web Services endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely. With Amazon IoT, your applications can keep track of and communicate with all your devices, all the time, even when they aren’t connected.

Amazon IoT makes it easy to use Amazon Web Services services like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon CloudTrail, to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices, without having to manage any infrastructure.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Find out here.

How does Amazon IoT Core work?

Connect and manage your devices

With Amazon EventBridge, you pay only for events published to your event bus. There are no additional charges for rules or event delivery. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. All state change events published by Amazon Web Services services are free.

Amazon IoT allows you to easily connect devices to the cloud and to other devices. Amazon IoT supports HTTP, WebSockets, and MQTT, a lightweight communication protocol specifically designed to tolerate intermittent connections, minimize the code footprint on devices, and reduce network bandwidth requirements. Amazon IoT also supports other industry-standard and custom protocols, and devices can communicate with each other even if they are using different protocols.
Amazon IoT Core - Connect and Manage

Secure device connections and data

Amazon IoT provides authentication and end-to-end encryption throughout all points of connection, so that data is never exchanged between devices and Amazon IoT without proven identity. In addition, you can secure access to your devices and applications by applying policies with granular permissions.
Amazon IoT Core - Secure Connections

Process and act upon device data

With Amazon IoT, you can filter, transform, and act upon device data on the fly, based on business rules you define. You can update your rules to implement new device and application features at any time. Amazon IoT makes it easy to use Amazon Web Services services like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon CloudWatch for even more powerful IoT applications.
Amazon IoT Core - Process Device Data

Read and set device state at any time

Amazon IoT stores the latest state of a device so that it can be read or set at anytime, making the device appear to your applications as if it were online all the time. This means that your application can read a device’s state even when it is disconnected, and also allows you to set a device state and have it implemented when the device reconnects.
Amazon IoT Core - Read and Set Device State

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