Top resources for developers

Amazon CloudFront documentation
Read our technical documentation which includes both the developer guide and the API reference

AWS Knowledge Center Videos

With the AWS Knowledge Center, you can find some of the most frequent questions and requests we receive from AWS customers.  Below you can find some videos that are specific to the content delivery network.

DDoS mitigation

How do I use Amazon CloudFront geo restriction to whitelist or blacklist a country to restrict or allow users in specific locations from accessing web content?

Amazon CloudFront logs

How can I process Amazon CloudFront logs using Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES)?

See Others Build on AWS

With the 'This Is My Architecture' videos, you can learn about innovative cloud architectures from AWS partners and customers. Below is an example of one of our customers using Amazon CloudFront.

Live Event Video Streaming at Channel 7

Learn about the architecture Channel 7 used to support the live video streaming of the Australian Open to millions of viewers and how it was done in a scalable and reliable manner using Amazon CloudFront and AWS Elemental.

Sobey: Building a Unified Content Platform

Learn how the Chinese company Sobey is creating a Unified Content Platform using AWS different regions to support content collection, editing and broadcasting globally. Lai Jian Yan also explains how AWS help Sobey to reduce the cost, improve customer experience by not guessing the capacity using the combination of AWS services, including Amazon CloudFront.