Amazon CloudFront charges are based on actual usage of the service in four areas:

Data Transfer Out (Internet/Origin)
Invalidation Requests
Field Level Encryption Requests
Discounted Pricing

For customers who are willing to make certain minimum traffic commits (typically 10 TB/month or higher)

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On-demand Pricing

Regional Data Transfer Out to Internet


Public (CNY/GB)
 0-10 TB / Month CNY 0.30866
 10-50 TB / Month CNY 0.30866
 50-100 TB / Month CNY 0.30195
 100 TB-1 PB / Month CNY 0.28853
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Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin

 China (CNY/GB)
CNY 0.30866

Region Pricing for All HTTP Methods


China (CNY/10,000 requests)
HTTP Requests CNY 0.11
HTTPS Requests CNY 0.15

Invalidation requests
No additional charge for the first 1,000 paths requested for invalidation each month. Thereafter, CNY 0.03355 per path requested for invalidation.

Note: A path listed in your invalidation request represents the URL (or multiple URLs if the path contains a wildcard character) of the object(s) you want to invalidate from CloudFront cache. For more information about invalidation, see 'invalidating objects' in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.

Field Level Encryption requests
Field-level encryption is charged based on the number of requests that need the additional encryption; you pay CNY 0.000013 for every 10,000 requests that CloudFront encrypts using field-level encryption in addition to the standard HTTPS request fee.

Origin server to Amazon CloudFront (origin fetches)
With Amazon CloudFront, you can use an Amazon Web Services origin (e.g., Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, etc.) or your own origin servers to store the original, definitive versions of your files. If you are using an Amazon Web Services China origin, data transferred from origin to edge locations (Amazon CloudFront "origin fetches") will be at no additional cost. If you are using an international Amazon Web Services origin (non-China Amazon Web Services origin), data transferred from origin to edge locations (Amazon CloudFront "origin fetches") will be charged at the standard Data Transfer rates in the region.

Amazon CloudFront to origin server
Data Transfer out of Amazon CloudFront to your origin server, such as POST and PUT requests, will be billed at the “Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin” rates listed in the Regional Data Transfer Out to Origin (per GB) table.

All prices above are exclusive of applicable taxes, fees, or similar governmental charges, if any exist, except as otherwise noted.

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