AWS AppSync is generally available. If you would like begin building data driven mobile and web applications, please sign in to the AWS AppSync console.

With AWS AppSync, you pay only for what you use with no minimum fees or mandatory service usage. You are billed separately for query and data modification operations, and for performing real-time updates on your data. This provides you with transparency and a low price regardless of your workload type, because you only pay for the specific AWS AppSync features you use.

Query and Data Modification Operations

Query Operations enable your app to fetch data and cache it locally. Data Modification Operations enable your app to create, update, and delete data.

¥27.52 per million Query and Data Modification Operations*

Real-time Updates

AWS AppSync enables your app to receive Real-time Updates to the data that you want to keep in sync. Your app needs to remain connected to the AWS AppSync service to receive

Real-time Updates.

¥13.76 per million Real-time Updates**
¥0.55 per million minutes of connection to the AWS AppSync service


To further improve the speed of query and data modification operations, you can optionally provision a dedicated cache for your AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs. After you select the instance type, you will be charged the following hourly rates, without any long-term commitments.

Instance Type

Memory Network Performance Pricing




Low to Moderate





Low to Moderate





Up to 10 Gigabit





Up to 10 Gigabit





Up to 10 Gigabit





Up to 10 Gigabit





10 Gigabit


cache.12xlarge 48 317.77 10 Gigabit ¥46.61

Pricing Example 1

A blog application has 50,000 monthly active users that each perform 100 searches. These searches generate 5,000,000 AppSync query operations per month, with an average response size of 3 kilobytes (KB).

Query operation charges 5 million x ¥27.52 per million operations= ¥137.60
Data transfer charges 3 KB x 5 million = 15 million KB = 14.3 GB * ¥0.62 = ¥8.88
Total AppSync charges ¥137.60 + ¥8.88 = ¥146.48

Pricing Example 2

A chat application has 2,500 monthly active users. Each user has the app open for an average 1,500 minutes per month, posts 1,000 messages per month, and receives 1,000 messages per month from other users. This results in 2,500,000 data modification operations per month and 2,500,000 real-time updates per month. 

Data modification operation charges 2,500 users x 1,000 sent messages x ¥27.52 per million operations = ¥68.80
Data transfer charges 1KB X 2.5 million – 2.5 million KB = 2.4GB X ¥0.62 = ¥1.44
Real-time update charges 2,500 users X 1,000 received messages X 13.76 per million updates = 34.40
Connectivity charges 2,500 clients x 1,500 minutes x ¥0.55 per million connection-minutes = ¥2.06
Total AppSync charges ¥68.80 + ¥1.44 + ¥34.40 + ¥2.06 = ¥106.70

Free Tier

The Free Tier offers the following monthly usage levels at no charge for 12 months after you sign up for an AWS account.

  • 250,000 query or data modification operations
  • 250,000 real-time updates
  • 600,000 connection-minutes

Use beyond these levels is billed at the published rates. The AWS AppSync Free Tier automatically expires after 12 months.

*Data transfer is charged at the EC2 data transfer rate.

**Real-time updates from AWS AppSync to a device are priced per 5kb payload of data delivered. For example, an 8-KB payload is metered as two real-time updates.