With AWS X-Ray, there are no upfront fees or commitments. You pay only for what you use, based on the number of traces recorded, retrieved, and scanned. A trace represents a request to your application and may include multiple data points, such as for calls to other services and database access. The maximum size of a trace is 500 KB. Trace data is retained for 30 days from the time it is recorded at no additional cost.

Additional charges


  • Traces stored cost ¥34.4 per 1 million traces retrieved (¥0.0000344 per trace).
  • Traces retrieved cost ¥3.44 per 1 million traces retrieved (¥0.00000344 per trace).
  • Traces scanned cost ¥3.44 per 1 million traces scanned (¥0.00000344 per trace).

AWS X-Ray enables customers to choose their own sampling rate. Customers considering AWS X-Ray may want to estimate their costs for recorded traces by multiplying their request or API call rate by the chosen sampling rate.

Pricing example

If you have an application which receives 2,000 incoming requests per hour and you’re using a 10% sampling rate, then your cost would be calculated as follows:

Traces Recorded

Traces Recorded per Month = 2,000 requests per hour x 24 hours x 31 days x 10% = 148,800 traces
Billable Traces Recorded per Month = 148,800 traces
Monthly Traces Recorded Charges = 148,800 traces * ¥0.0000344 = ¥5.12

In addition, let’s assume you make 100 queries per day each scanning the last hour of data captured (200 traces), and retrieve the full trace data for 50 traces per query.

Traces Retrieved and Scanned

Traces Scanned per Month = 100 queries x 200 traces per hour x 31 days = 620,000 traces
Traces Retrieved per Month = 100 queries x 50 traces per query x 31 days = 155,000 traces
Total Traces Retrieved/Scanned per Month = 155,000 traces + 620,000 traces = 775,000 traces

Monthly Traces Retrieved and Scanned Charges = 775,000 traces * ¥0.00000344 = ¥2.67

Your total cost per month for using AWS X-Ray equals ¥5.12 + ¥2.67 = ¥7.79

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