Amazon Aurora Serverless

Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand, auto-scaling configuration for Amazon Aurora. It automatically starts up, shuts down, and scales capacity up or down based on your application's needs. It enables you to run your database in the cloud without managing any database capacity.

Manually managing database capacity can take up valuable time and can lead to inefficient use of database resources. With Aurora Serverless, you simply create a database endpoint, optionally specify the desired database capacity range, and connect your applications. You pay on a per-second basis for the database capacity you use when the database is active, and migrate between standard and serverless configurations with a few clicks in the Amazon RDS Management Console.

  • Amazon Aurora Serverless v1
  • Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 is a simple, cost-effective option for infrequent, intermittent, or unpredictable workloads.



    Removes the complexity of provisioning and managing database capacity. The database will automatically start up, shut down, and scale to match your application’s needs.


    Seamlessly scale compute and memory capacity as needed, with no disruption to client connections.


    Pay only for the database resources you consume, on a per-second basis. You don't pay for the database instance unless it's actually running.


    Built on distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing Aurora storage with 6-way replication to protect against data loss.

    Use Cases

    Infrequently-used applications

    You have an application that is only used for a few minutes several times per day or week, such as a low-volume blog site, and you want a cost-effective database that only requires you to pay when it's active. With Aurora Serverless v1, you only pay for the database resources you consume.

    Development and test databases

    Your software development and QA teams are using databases during work hours, but don’t need them on nights or weekends. With Aurora Serverless v1, your database automatically shuts down when not in use, and starts up much more quickly when work starts the next day.

    How to Get Started

    Aurora Serverless v1 is available for both Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. It's easy to get started: choose Serverless when creating your Aurora database cluster, optionally specify the desired range of database capacity, and connect your applications.