Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

Run Microsoft SQL Server applications on PostgreSQL with little to no code change

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL is a new capability for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition that enables Aurora to understand commands from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server.

Migrating from legacy SQL Server databases can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. When migrating your databases, you can automate the migration of your database schema and data using the Amazon Database Migration Service (DMS), but there is often more work to do to migrate the application itself, including re-writing application code that interacts with the database.

With Babelfish, Aurora PostgreSQL now understands T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server's proprietary SQL dialect, and supports the same communications protocol, so your apps that were originally written for SQL Server can now work with Aurora with fewer code changes. As a result, the effort required to modify and move applications running on SQL Server 2005 or newer to Aurora is reduced, leading to faster, lower-risk, and more cost-effective migrations.

Babelfish is a built-in capability of Amazon Aurora, and does not have an additional cost. You can enable Babelfish on your Amazon Aurora cluster with a just few clicks in the RDS management console.


Reduce migration time and risk

With Babelfish, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL supports commonly used T-SQL language and semantics which reduces the amount of code changes related to database calls in an application. As a result, the amount of application code you need to re-write is minimized, reducing the risk of any new application errors.

Migrate at your own pace

With Babelfish, you can run SQL Server code side-by-side with new functionality built using native PostgreSQL APIs. Babelfish enables Aurora PostgreSQL to work with commonly-used SQL Server query tools, commands, and drivers. As a result, you can continue developing with the tools you are familiar with.

Babelfish for PostgreSQL Open Source Project is now available

Babelfish source code is now available on GitHub under both the Apache 2.0 license and PostgreSQL license. You can use Babelfish under either license.

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How it works

Babelfish implements support for commonly used SQL Server language and semantics (T-SQL) enabling your legacy applications to communicate with Aurora without extensive code re-writes.

How to get started

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL is available for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition. Read the documentation, and start with just a few clicks in the Amazon Aurora Management Console.

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