Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio allows you to query data streams in real time, and easily build and run stream processing applications using standard SQL, Python, and Scala in an interactive notebook. Studio notebooks are powered by Apache Zeppelin and use Apache Flink as the stream processing engine. Studio notebooks seamlessly combine these technologies to make advanced analytics on data streams accessible to developers of all skill sets. 


Simple to build and run

Studio notebooks provide a single-interface development experience for developing, debugging code, and running stream processing applications.

Process using SQL, Python, and Scala

Use SQL, Python, and Scala in the same development environment. Syntax highlighting, validation, and context-sensitive suggestions guide you within the notebook to interact with your data.

Open source compatible

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio runs on and produces Apache Flink applications used in production and Apache Zeppelin notebooks provide a familiar, easy-to-use experience for authoring streaming applications in a language of choice.

Use cases

Stream inspection and visualization

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio supports sub-second queries with built-in visualizations. You can perform ad-hoc queries to quickly inspect your data stream and view results in seconds. 

Rapid, serverless stream processing application development

There are no servers to provision, manage, or scale. Just write code and pay for the resources your applications consume. Easily deploy your code in the notebook to a continuously running stream processing application with autoscaling and durable state. 

Perform real-time analytics

Interactively query and analyze data in real time and continuously produce insights for time-sensitive use cases.

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