With Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink, you can transform and analyze streaming data in real time using Apache Flink. Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink simplifies building and managing Apache Flink workloads and allows you to integrate applications with other Amazon Web Services services.

Step 1: Download the open source libraries into your favorite IDE

You can start by downloading the open-source libraries including the Amazon SDK, Apache Flink, and connectors for Amazon Web Services services.

Write your Apache Flink application code using data streams and stream operators. Application data streams are the data structure that you perform processing against using your application code. Data continuously flows from the sources into application data streams. One or more stream operators are used to define your processing on the application data streams.

Once built, upload your code to Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink. The service takes care of everything required to continuously run your real-time applications, including automatically scaling to match the volume and throughput of your incoming data.

Start from the Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink, Amazon MSK, or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams console. Use custom connectors to connect to any other data source. 

Run individual paragraphs in the notebook, view results in context, and use Apache Zeppelin’s built-in visualization to accelerate development. You can also use user-defined functions in your code. 

Deploy your code as a continuously running stream processing application in just few steps. Your deployed application will be an Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink application with durable state and autoscaling. You will also have the opportunity to change sources, destinations, logging, and monitoring levels before you productionize your code. 

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