Amazon ECS Anywhere

Easily run containers on customer-managed infrastructure with ECS Anywhere

ECS Anywhere Free Tier includes 2,200 instance hours per month with 6-Month Free Trial.

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Amazon ECS Anywhere is a new feature of Amazon ECS that enables you to easily run and manage container workloads on customer-managed infrastructure, including in your own on-premises data centers and on virtual machines and bare metal servers. 

ECS Anywhere builds upon the ease and simplicity of Amazon ECS to provide a consistent tooling and API experience across your container-based applications. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, you'll have the same cluster management, workload scheduling, and monitoring you've come to know from Amazon ECS. Reduce costs and mitigate complex local container orchestration by taking advantage of the completely managed solution that ECS Anywhere provides. ECS Anywhere helps you meet compliance requirements and scale your business without sacrificing your on-premises investments.


Fully managed cloud control plane

With Amazon ECS Anywhere, you don't need to run and operate separate container management software for your on-premises container workloads. With familiar managed in-region ECS control plane to orchestrate your containers and and run tasks on your infrastructure, you'll spend less time on operational overhead and more time focusing on driving innovation for your business.

Consistent tooling and governance

Amazon ECS Anywhere makes it easy for you to use the same ECS APIs, cluster management, workload scheduling, and monitoring for all of your container-based applications. This ensures a simple and consistent operator experience no matter where your applications are running.

Manage your hybrid footprint

Amazon ECS Anywhere enables you to run applications in both on-premises environments and the cloud with a standardized container orchestrator, removing the need for your team to learn multiple domains and skillsets and manage complex software on their own.

Use cases

Helps fulfill your compliance and business requirements

Satisfy compliance, data gravity, and other business requirements by running your workloads on infrastructure you own while enjoying simple and familiar ECS tooling.

Containerize existing on-premises workloads

Rather than installing and operating a local control plane, you can use the same hyperscale, trusted, and fully managed Amazon ECS control plane for your on-premises container workloads.

Data processing workloads at the edge

Run containerized data processing workloads at edge locations on your own hardware with Amazon ECS Anywhere so that you can stay close to your end customers and maintain reduced latency.

Burst to cloud as needed

With Amazon ECS Anywhere, you can use your on-premises infrastructure as base capacity while bursting into the Amazon Web Services cloud for additional capacity to meet peaks in demand or as your business grows. ECS Anywhere offers a cost-effective way for you to meet your compute needs as your business scales.

Make use of existing capital investments

Amazon ECS Anywhere enables you to leverage your existing capital investments while simultaneously taking advantage of running workloads in the cloud. Consistent Amazon ECS tooling on-premises and in the cloud makes it easier for you to migrate your containers workloads to the cloud in the future, if you choose.