Amazon ECS Anywhere pricing


Free Tier

ECS Anywhere Free Tier is available in the Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD and Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet. The Free Tier includes 2,200 instance hours per month with 6-Month Free Trial.

With Amazon ECS Anywhere, there are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. You only pay for running instances that are managed by ECS Anywhere.

Pricing dimensions

You pay 0.065 CNY per hour for each managed ECS Anywhere on-premises instance. An on-premises instance is a customer-managed instance that has been registered with an Amazon ECS cluster and runs the Amazon ECS container agent.

You are charged based on the amount of time the instances you have registered to an Amazon ECS cluster are connected to the ECS control plane, rounded up to the nearest second. You will not be charged for the time when an on-premises instance is deregistered, shut down, or terminated. This pricing only applies to on-premises instances.

Pricing details

Pricing is calculated based on the number of hours ECS Anywhere is managing an on-premises instance starting from when you register the instance with ECS Anywhere to when the instance is deregistered. A minimum charge of 1 minute per instance applies. 

Additional charges
Amazon ECS Anywhere requires the Amazon Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) to authenticate and register your on-premises instances. You may be charged for registering your on-premises instances with Amazon Systems Manager if you have over 1000 instances per account per region at any point of time. Visit the Amazon Systems Manager pricing page for more details.

You will be charged for data transfer based upon standard Amazon Web Services data transfer fees for communication between the ECS Anywhere control plane and ECS agent that occurs through Direct Connect. You will not be charged for data transfer when communication between the Amazon ECS Anywhere control plane and ECS agent occurs over the open Internet.

Free tier

The Amazon ECS Anywhere free tier includes 2200 instance hours for each month for 6 months per account for all regions.

ECS Anywhere pricing examples

  • Assume you have 100 instances that you manage with ECS Anywhere. Each instance has been connected to ECS for 50 hours and 1 minute. You will be charged at a rate of 0.065 CNY per hour.

    Total fee = 100 instances x (50 hours x 0.065 CNY per instance hour + (1 minute / 60 minutes) x 0.065 CNY per instance hour = 100 x (3.25 CNY + 0.00108 CNY) = 325.11 CNY

  • Assume you have 10 on-premises instances that are connected to the Amazon ECS cluster for 30 days continuously. You also have 1 Amazon EC2 instance and 1 Amazon Fargate instance in the same ECS cluster.

    You will be billed for using the 10 on-premises instances at a rate of 0.065 CNY per instance hour. For the Amazon EC2 and Amazon Fargate instances, you will incur appropriate infrastructure charges. However, there are no additional fees for using Amazon ECS to manage containers running on the Amazon EC2 and Amazon Fargate instances.

    Total fee for ECS Anywhere = 10 on-premises instances x 30 days x 24 hours x 0.065 CNY per instance-hour = 468 CNY

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