Many organizations are already leveraging the cloud to build and deploy big data applications. A new report from 451 Research shows the cloud can help a broad range of organizations get measurable value from big data.

In this report, The Cloud-Based Approach to Achieving Business Value from Big Data, researchers take an in-depth look into six organizations and their cloud-based big data adoption efforts. The study identified 5 fundamental ways organizations are getting value from big data using the cloud:

  1. Faster time to market
  2. Lower TCO
  3. Reduced management overhead
  4. Improved developer agility
  5. New revenue opportunities

Get a free copy of the report and learn from the experience of other organizations that have deployed big data applications on Amazon Web Services, including a mobile technology analytics platform provider; a mobile application platform provider; a financial services regulator; a technology consultancy; a marketing strategy firm; and a mainstream financial services firm.

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