In AWS Transit Gateway you are charged for the number of connections that you make to the Transit Gateway per hour and the amount of traffic that flows through AWS Transit Gateway. You can create a Transit Gateway to connect to multiple Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs), and that Transit Gateway can work across accounts. The VPC account owner is billed hourly for each hour that their Amazon VPCs are attached to an AWS Transit Gateway.

Hourly billing will also start when the Transit Gateway owner accepts your VPC and it stops when the attachment is deleted. Each partial VPC Transit Gateway hour consumed is billed as a full hour.

Data processing charges apply for each gigabyte sent from a VPC to the AWS Transit Gateway. Data processing charges also apply for each gigabyte received by each instance received by a multicast receiver.

Price per AWS Transit Gateway attachment (CNY) 0.5
Price per GB of data processed (CNY) 0.143
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