With Amazon Transcribe, you pay-as-you-go based on the seconds of audio transcribed per month.


Amazon Transcribe API (including streaming transcription) is billed monthly at a rate of ¥ 0.0027 per second. Usage is billed in one-second increments, with a minimum per request charge of 15 seconds. 

Pricing Examples 

Example Audio Length Cost
Social media video ~ 10 seconds ¥0.041
Radio commercial ~ 15 seconds
Video trailer ~ 2 minutes and 30 seconds ¥0.405
Recorded webinar ~ 30 minutes ¥4.860
Episode of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ ~ 60 minutes ¥9.720
Average length of a board meeting recording ~ 120 minutes ¥19.440
Customer call center (per representative):
-    Average call handle time is four minutes per call
-    Each agent handles about 50 calls per day
~ 200 minutes ¥32.400

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