Getting Started with Amazon Step Functions

What is Amazon Step Functions?

Amazon Step Functions lets you add resilient workflow automation to your applications in minutes—without writing code. Workflows built with Step Functions include built-in error handling, parameter passing, recommended security settings, and state management, reducing the amount of code you have to write and maintain.  

Ready to get started? Follow the walkthroughs in the console or our Developer Guide for step-by-step instructions on using Amazon Step Functions to create a simple state machine.

Core concepts



In this tutorial you'll create an Amazon Step Functions state machine that uses a Amazon Lambda function to implement a Task state. A Task state is a simple state that performs a single unit of work.

IAM, Lambda, Step Functions


You can coordinate task code in your state machine. This tutorial introduces you to creating an activity-based state machine using Java and Amazon Step Functions.

IAM, Java SDK, Step Functions


In this tutorial, you create an Amazon Step Functions state machine with a Catch field which uses an Amazon Lambda function to respond with conditional logic based on error message type.

IAM, Lambda, Step Functions

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