What does this Amazon Web Services Solution do?

For customers who need to build media systems on the cloud, Amazon Web Services provides an out-of-the-box media platform that integrates a variety of functions, such as video transcoding, video watermarking, video on-demand and video streaming, etc. Leveraging Amazon Web Services serverless computing engines, the solution offers scalability, elasticity and high availability for the platform. You do not need to operate, maintain and manage cloud resources.

Amazon Web Services Solution overview

The diagram below shows the solution architecture. You can launch the solution using the Amazon CloudFormation template and follow the deployment guide to set up and use the solution.


The platform consists of the following modules:

Media Proxy: The high available proxy server cluster is built on Amazon ECS Service.

  • provide RTMP streaming addresses
  • support the access of large number of devices
  • leverage lightweight HAProxy to provide unified streaming addresses

Media Gateway: Based on Node-Media-Server, the high-performance and light-weight RTMP server does the following:

  • provide accesses for RTMP/RTMPs streams
  • maintain metadata of video streams such as streaming status, channel session etc.
  • maintain streaming client status based on events
  • monitor client status and schedule ECS tasks accordingly

Metadata Management: This module mainly leverages Amazon DynamoDB to manage the metadata of video streams. The module does the following:

  • provide RESTful APIs for CRUD management through Amazon API Gateway
  • dynamically configure video stream processing parameters
  • automatically generate a unique video push channel
  • fetch URLs of video pushing and pulling through APIs

Media Processor: The module leverages Amazon ECR Fargate to provide features such as video live streaming, video transcoding, video recording, video segmentation, etc. The module does the following:

  • encode and transcode video in real-time
  • segment videos and images and store the segments in Amazon S3
  • allow customization of segment time and transcoding parameters
  • support HTTP-FLV (~2 seconds delay) and HLS/CMAF (~10 seconds delay)

Media Distribution: The module leverages Amazon ECS Fargate and Amazon CloudFront to provide seamless video experience. The module does the following:

  • compose multiple input streams to single output stream
  • leverage built-in nginx cache to avoid thundering herd problem
  • secure access with signed URLs

Web Console: Note that the console is for demonstration purposes only. By default, solution will NOT create the web console. You need to explicitly configure it in the CloudFormation parameter before deployment.


Open source and customization

The solution is open sourced. You can use the solution for free. If you have different use cases, you can take the source code as reference to make your own implementation.


You can manage the live stream metadata through the console UI or API. Based on your specific business use cases, you can also easily configure the video streaming features such as recording, transcoding, screenshots, watermarks, etc.

Serverless Architecture

You do not need to operate and maintain cloud compute resources. The architecture built on Amazon ECS Fargate allows you to focus more on business use cases themselves without worrying about service availability and scalability.
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