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  • IP Camera SaaS Solution
  • Solution Overview

    The IP Camera AI SaaS solution aims to empower the security industry by providing artificial intelligence capabilities in the cloud. It helps you reduce the time of work of model training, architecture, and model deployment, from many days to a few minutes. The solution currently provides three AI algorithm functions: face detection, human figure detection, and face comparison. With this solution, you can quickly deploy an end-to-end service in the Amazon Web Services, and your end-users can easily use these AI functions through API calls.

    Architecture and Description

    Amazon API Gateway: API Gateway is responsible for routing customers HTTP POST requests and it offers custom domain binding. Meanwhile, API gateway also provide API key configuration to control the requesters' access authority.

    Amazon Lambda: Lambda function routes  HTTP POST request which contains input images with base64 format to SageMaker endpoint for inference and it dumps image and final response into S3 bucket for further performance check or data collection.

    Amazon S3: S3 is used to store input requests and inferenced responses. The inferenced result can be used for next round of labelling, model training, parameter tuning, to increase the overall model performance.

    Amazon SageMaker: SageMaker cluster handles customers inference request, the face detection, human body detection and face comparison models are loaded according deployment configuration. Sagemaker endpoints could be configured to auto-scaling according to requests' pattern to support high-concurrency application scenarios.

    Note that the AI algorithms are packaged in Amazon ECR. You can choose the built-in AI algorithms or you could make althorithms of your own and then load , deploy and use them into this solution.


    IP Camera AI SaaS Solution

    Version 1.1.0
    Last updated: 05/2021
    Author: Amazon Web Services 

    Source code 
  • IP Camera SDK for C (Amazon S3)
  • Solution Overview

    Amazon Web Services provides an open-source IP Camera SDK for C, enabling customers to upload videos from IP Camera devices to Amazon Cloud. This SDK uses the camera's built-in computing power and networking capabilities to upload video clips to Amazon S3. With the SDK, you can easily build a scalable cloud solution architecture to support millions of IP Camera devices without deploying any cloud video streaming resource. 

    In order to facilitate your testing, this solution comes with a reference architecture of a video playback system. You can launch the system via one-click through Amazon CloudFormation template. The architecture is shown as below.

    Supported types of Camera System on Chip(SoC): Hi3518EV300, Ingenic T31

    Architecture and Description

    SDK:Core component of this solution. The SDK can be integrated with IPC firmware. It uses IPC built-in SoC to split video streams, packages video clips in Transport Stream(TS) format, and then uploads them to S3.

    Amazon IAM:Authenticates and authorizes the upload operation of IPC. Ensure the IPC can only access given prefix in Amazon S3. Ensure isolation of data from different IPC. devices

    Amazon S3:Stores video clips and leverages the ~3500 PUT/5500 GET per-prefix performance of Amazon S3 to support hundreds of thousands IPC devices.

    Amazon Lambda: Amazon Lambda queries available video clips and generates M3U8 files for playback.

    Amazon API Gateway: Dynamically generates M3U8 playlist based on input requests. The generated files can be used in Video.js script for video playback.

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