Q: How many devices can I create at one time?

A: With the IoT Device Simulator, you can create up to 100 virtual IoT devices at a time. For example, to launch 400 virtual devices, you can create four batches of 100 devices.

Q: How many simulations can I run at one time?

A: This solution allows you to run up to 1,000 simultaneous simulations across the simulation engine. Each virtual IoT device is one simulation. If you request more than 1,000 simulations at a given time, they will be queued and executed when the number of current simulations is less than 1,000.

Q: Can I create a virtual fleet of connected vehicles?

A: The solution includes a pre-built automotive module that you can use to simulate vehicle telemetry data using pre-defined device types. The automotive module uses a power train simulation model to generate simulated vehicle telemetry data. You can also leverage the location features of Mapbox to provide a map for your simulated vehicles. For more information, see the deployment guide.

Q: What is Authing?

A: This solution uses Authing as an OpenID service provider. Authing quickly realizes the identity authentication and user management of Web, App and enterprise software, which can help enterprises manage external user accounts and internal employee permissions safely and efficiently, and the single sign-on function helps to efficiently manage the identity system. For more information about Authing, please visit https://authing.cn/.

Q: Why do you use Authing in this solution?

A: As for the user authentication part, this solution uses Authing as the provider of OpenID, and the Cognito Identity pool is used to support the association of the identity with the OpenID Connect provider configured through Amazon Identity and Access Management to get an ID token to implement access control on the console and device simulator API. You can change to other OpenID providers for the similar usage.

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