Q. What are the user scenarios?

All business scenarios that need to use Amazon WAF to filter common web attacks for Application Load Balancer(ALB), especially when you need to automatically deploy common security rules, so as to easily improve security protection and save time.

Q. How does the solution work?

This solution will deploy a set of WAF Web ACL rules, including IP rules, XSS rules, SQL injection rules, etc., to filter web-based attacks. The solution will also deploy multiple Lambda functions, triggered after analyzing the access logs stored in S3, or triggered by CloudWatch to update these Web ACL rules in a timely manner. In addition, if you enables the Bat Bot feature, the solution will also deploy an API Gateway and a Lambda function as a honeypot to lure and divert robot attacks.

Q. What is user experience of using this solution?

You only need to launch CloudFormation template from solution page. A full set of WAF rules will be automatically upgraded, and automatically protect against common web attacks without manual intervention. You can view real-time ACL rules in the Amazon WAF service.

Q. How much does the solution cost?

The solution is free. You only pay for the usage of cloud resources. The total cost for running this solution mainly depends on the amount of data ingested, stored, and processed, the number of requests received by Amazon API Gateway and the number of Amazon Lambda invocations. We recommend creating a budget through Amazon Cost Explorer to help manage costs. For full details, see the pricing webpage for each service used in this solution.

Q. How much development effort needed to use it?

This solution is ready to use once deployed, there is no development effort needed to use it. Since this is an open-source solution, you can do your own customization based on the source code in GitHub, if the out-of-the-box features don’t meet your requirement.

Q. Can I deploy the solution in any Amazon Web Services Region?

This solution currently only supports deployment in Amazon Web Services China region (Beijing region, Ningxia region). 

Q. Can I integrate the Amazon WAF Security Automations solution into my existing web application firewall strategy?

Yes. You can aggregate existing rules and solution-created rules into a single web ACL. Note that individual web ACLs are subject to rule limits (now called quotas); see the WAF Developer Guide for information.

Q. Can I use these solutions to protect multiple web applications?

Yes. After you deploy the Amazon WAF Security Automations solution, you can associate its web ACL (with all the rules included in the solution) with multiple web applications.

Q. Can I extend the functionality of Amazon WAF Security Automations?

Yes. You can modify and customize all the rules provided in either solution. During initial configuration, please use the template parameters to control rule behavior, as well as the code for the Amazon Lambda functions.

Q. Can these solutions be integrated with my third-party web application firewall?

No. These rules are specific to the Amaon WAF service.

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