Getting started with AWS Security Hub


One-click deployment

With one click in the AWS Security Hub console or a single API call, you can enable Security Hub on a single account. With a few more clicks on the console, you can enable Security Hub across multiple accounts. Once enabled, AWS Security Hub immediately starts aggregating your security findings and conducting automated security checks.

Start managing security alerts

Get a comprehensive view of your security alerts and security posture across your AWS accounts. You can try at no additional charge with our 30-day free trial for the AWS China (Ningxia) region. This makes it easy for you to experience Security Hub and forecast the cost of the service.

Technical resources

AWS Security Hub User Guide

Walks through how to set up AWS Security Hub and evaluate the security of your AWS environment.

AWS Security Hub API Reference

Describes all of the API operations for AWS Security Hub.

AWS Security Hub workshop

The AWS Security Hub workshop guides you through a demonstration and how you would use Security Hub in your AWS environment.