Getting started with Amazon Organizations

What is Amazon Organizations?

Amaon Organizations helps you centrally manage your environment as you grow and scale your workloads on Amazon Web Services. Whether you are a growing startup or a large enterprise, Organizations helps you centrally manage billing, create new accounts, and categorize your accounts using tags.

Which central governance and management capabilities does Amazon Organizations enable?

Amazon Organizations enables the following capabilities:

  • Consolidate billing across multiple Amazon Web Services accounts
  • Automate Amazon Web Services account creation and management
  • Attach tags to your accounts

What is Amazon Organizations?

To get started, you must first decide which of your Amazon Web Services accounts will become the master account. You can either create a new Amazon Web Services account or select an existing one.

  1. Sign in as an administrator to the Amazon Web Services Management Console using the Amazon Web Services account you want to use to manage your organization.
  2. Go to the Amazon Organizations console.
  3. Choose Create Organization.
  4. Select what features you want to enable for your organization. Either consolidated billing only features or all features.
  5. Add Amazon Web Services accounts to your organization by using one of the following two methods:
    1. Invite existing Amazon Web Services accounts to join your organization by using their Amazon Web Services account ID or associated email address.
    2. Create new Amazon Web Services accounts.
  6. Model your organizational hierarchy by grouping your Amazon Web Services accounts in OUs.

You can also use the Amazon CLI (for command-line access) or SDKs (for programmatic access) to perform the same steps to create a new organization. Learn more about Amazon Organizations in the documentation.

Note: You can initiate the creation of a new organization only from an Amazon Web Services account that is not already a member of another organization.

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