Posted On: May 7, 2024

Users of Amazon IAM Identity Center can now take advantage of a streamlined Amazon Web Services access portal and time-saving shortcut links to navigate directly to destinations in the Amazon Web Services Management Console in accordance with their permissions.

The enhanced Amazon Web Services access portal offers improved usability and discoverability of applications, accounts, and permission sets. Shortcut links take an authenticated user to a desired Amazon Web Services Management Console destination, such as an S3 bucket details page, in a specific account, and with a specific permission set already assigned to the user. They enable the user to land directly at the destination, without the need for page-to-page navigation. Users can save shortcut links as browser bookmarks or on a team wiki page, embed them in operational tickets, or share them with others.

IAM Identity Center helps you connect or create your workforce identities, and manage their access to Amazon Web Services applications and multiple accounts. IAM Identity Center is available to you at no additional cost. To learn more about IAM Identity Center, visit the product detail page. To get started with using the shortcut links, please refer to the user guide.