Amazon IAM Identity Center

Centrally manage workforce access to multiple Amazon Web Services accounts and applications

Create or connect your workforce identities only once for use across Amazon Web Services.

Centrally manage your workforce access to multiple Amazon Web Services accounts.

Assign user permissions based on common job functions or user attributes.

Provide your workforce single sign-on access to cloud applications.

How it works

Amazon IAM Identity Center helps you securely create or connect your workforce identities and manage their access centrally across Amazon Web Services accounts and applications. IAM Identity Center is the recommended approach for workforce authentication and authorization on Amazon Web Services for organizations of any size and type.
How Amazon Identity Center works
Why use IAM Identity Center?
Use IAM Identity Center to securely scale access across accounts and applications, supporting your workforce agility and workload innovation on Amazon Web Services.

Use cases

Enable multi-account access to your Amazon Web Services accounts

Your users can use their directory credentials for single sign-on access to multiple Amazon Web Services accounts. Their personalized web user portal shows their assigned roles in Amazon Web Services accounts in one place. Users can also single sign-on through the Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI), Amazon SDKs using their directory credentials for a consistent authentication experience.

Enable single sign-on access to your Amazon Web Services applications

IAM Identity Center is integrated with Amazon Web Services applications for zero-configuration authentication and authorization. These integrated applications share a consistent view of users and groups for resource sharing and collaboration all within the application.

Enable single sign-on access to cloud-based applications

You can more easily configure single sign-on access to applications that support SAML 2.0 using the IAM Identity Center application configuration wizard. IAM Identity Center also provides preconfigured settings for many cloud applications, including Salesforce, Box, and Microsoft 365.

How to get started

Connect with an expert

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Access the IAM Identity Center console

Configure your identity source and scale fine-grained permissions across Amazon Web Services.

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