Posted On: May 27, 2021

Amazon IoT SiteWise now supports linear interpolation, enabling customers to estimate and retrieve the values of missing data points in their time series data.

If your time series data is missing values at certain points in time, you can estimate and retrieve the values of those missing data points using the linear interpolation API. The linear Interpolation API helps you to retrieve uniformly sampled data even if you have missing values or gaps in your raw data. To use the linear interpolation API, simply provide the Amazon IoT SiteWise asset property, the time range, and the sampling frequency for the data you want to retrieve. The API will then return data points that meet your specified query parameters.

Customers can use the interpolation API for a number of use cases including filling in values for missing data points, retrieving uniformly sampled data and joining with uniformly sampled data from other data sources, or to downsample data to improve performance of their dashboards and/or reduce their data retrieval costs. As an example use case, customers can use the interpolation API to retrieve hourly measurement data (such as temperature) for their equipment (such as a pump) over a given week and join it with hourly data from their other data sources (such as shift/schedule data from ERP) to perform custom analytics operations.

For more information on the API parameters and the request and response syntax, see the reference page for GetInterpolatedAssetPropertyValues API.

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