Posted On: Mar 26, 2021

CloudWatch Synthetics now supports storing your canary run artifacts, including log files, screenshots, and HAR files, in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket in another Region with a new major runtime version, syn-nodejs-puppeteer-3.0. CloudWatch Synthetics now also supports upgraded major versions of the Puppeteer, Chromium, and Node.js dependencies.

Canaries are modular, lightweight scripts that you can configure to run on a schedule in order to monitor your endpoints and APIs from the outside-in. Canaries simulate the same actions as a user, which makes it possible for you to monitor your user experience continuously. You can now use the new major runtime version, syn-nodejs-puppeteer-3.0 to take advantage of dependencies in Puppeteer 5.5.0, Node.js 12.x, and Chromium 88.0.x.

To learn more about this feature, see the CloudWatch Synthetics documentation. For pricing, refer to Amazon CloudWatch pricing.