Posted On: May 26, 2020

The new Amazon CloudTrail console makes it easier for you to create and manage trails. The console experience is refreshed across all CloudTrail features and now includes documentation and pricing links alongside the features so you can easily learn more while staying in the console.  

You can now create trails with a one-step quick create process, or use the new trail creation wizard to customize your trail configurations. During the trail creation process, you can configure delivery of your user activity and API usage data to both an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket as well as an Amazon CloudWatch Logs group. You can also associate the relevant Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and policies from within the CloudTrail console.

The new CloudTrail console experience is now available in all public Amazon Web Services Regions, including Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. You can opt in to the new experience from the CloudTrail console.