Posted On: Nov 11, 2020

Amazon Backup automates policy-based backup and restore capabilities for Amazon FSx, making it easier for customers to meet enterprise compliance and data protection requirements. You can now create, manage, and restore Amazon FSx backups directly from the Amazon Backup console for both Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Amazon FSx for Lustre. Using Amazon Backup, you apply backup plans to Amazon Web Services resources, which now include Amazon FSx file systems. Amazon Backup plans make it easy to standardize backup policies across Amazon Web Services services and ensure protection of application data. 

Getting started is as simple as enabling Amazon FSx in the Amazon Backup console, creating a backup plan and assigning an Amazon FSx file system, either by tag or directly using the ARN. 

Amazon Backup offers a centralized, fully-managed, and policy-based service to protect customer data and ensure compliance across Amazon Web Services services for business continuity purposes. With Amazon Backup, you can centrally configure data protection (backup) policies and monitor backup activity across your Amazon Web Services resources, including Amazon EBS volumes, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) databases (including Aurora clusters), Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon Storage Gateway volumes. 

For more information on where Amazon Backup is available, see the Amazon Web Services region table. To learn more about Amazon Backup, please see our product page and documentation

Amazon FSx makes it easy and cost effective to launch and run popular file systems that are fully managed by Amazon Web Services. With Amazon FSx, you can leverage the rich feature sets and fast performance of widely-used open source and commercially-licensed file systems, while avoiding time-consuming administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, software configuration, patching, and backups. 

For more information on where Amazon FSx is available, see the Amazon Web Services region table. Learn more about Amazon FSx on our product page