Posted On: Jun 28, 2018

Amazon Lambda now supports Amazon SQS as an event source. This allows you to build serverless applications with Lambda using message queues as the event source. Amazon SQS is a fully managed message queuing service for reliably communicating between distributed software components and microservices.

Lambda enables you to run code in response to events, such as S3 notifications or Amazon SNS messages. It makes it easy to process data streams from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams or Amazon DynamoDB Streams. Now, it's also easy to trigger Lambda functions by sending messages to an Amazon SQS queue.

To get started, select the SQS queue you want as the event source for your Lambda function through the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon CLI, or Amazon SDK for Lambda. Lambda will invoke your function to process the messages in your queue. You can also use the Amazon  Serverless Application Model (Amazon SAM) to deploy and manage serverless applications that leverage SQS queues.

SQS as an event source support is available in all regions where Lambda is available. To learn more about using SQS as an event source, read the Lambda Developer Guide.