Posted On: Jan 2, 2015

We are excited to announce that on December 15, 2014, Amazon Web Services launched Trusted Advisor in the China (Beijing) region. Amazon Trusted Advisor inspects your Amazon Web Services environment and makes recommendations for saving money, improving system performance and reliability, or enhancing security. Since 2013, customers have viewed over 2.6 million best-practice recommendations and realized over $350 million in estimated cost reductions.

In the China region, Trusted Advisor provides 14 checks for Business and Enterprise support customers for Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Elastic IP addresses, service limits, and security group configuration. All Amazon Web Services users can access two of the Trusted Advisor performance and security checks: Service Limits and Open Security Groups. The Trusted Advisor user interface appears in the Amazon Web Services Management Console.

The Trusted Advisor recent changes feature on the console dashboard brings status changes to your attention. The action links in some checks take you to the relevant service console if changes are necessary.

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