AWS License Manager

Set rules to manage, discover, and report software license usage

AWS License Manager makes it easier to manage licenses in AWS and on-premises servers from software vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM. AWS License Manager lets administrators create customized licensing rules that emulate the terms of their licensing agreements, and then enforces these rules when an instance of EC2 gets launched. Administrators can use these rules to limit licensing violations, such as using more licenses than an agreement stipulates or reassigning licenses to different servers on a short-term basis. The rules in AWS License Manager enable you to limit a licensing breach by stopping the instance from launching or by notifying administrators about the infringement. Administrators gain control and visibility of all their licenses with the AWS License Manager dashboard and reduce the risk of non-compliance, misreporting, and additional costs due to licensing overages.

AWS License Manager integrates with AWS services to simplify the management of licenses across multiple AWS accounts (when it is available in China regions), IT catalogs (when it is available in China regions), and on-premises, through a single AWS account. License administrators can add rules in AWS Service Catalog (when it is available in China regions), which allows them to create and manage catalogs of IT services that are approved for use on all their AWS accounts. Through seamless integration with AWS Systems Manager and AWS Organizations (when it is available in China regions), administrators can manage licenses across all the AWS accounts in an organization and on-premises environments. AWS Marketplace (when it is available in China regions) buyers can also use AWS License Manager to track bring your own license (BYOL) software obtained from the Marketplace and keep a consolidated view of all their licenses.


Gain control over license usage

Today, most organizations manage licenses using a wide set of methods that can vary from simple spreadsheets to highly customized solutions. Often, these approaches can be problematic, as they require manual and ad-hoc reporting that can be inaccurate and quickly outdated. With AWS License Manager, license administrators can create custom licensing rules to help manage license usage either centrally or across different groups in the organization (when the required services are available in China regions). AWS License Manager gives organizations visibility and control over how software licenses are used and can prevent misuse before it happens.

Reduce costs

AWS License Manager simplifies how licenses are tracked, helping administrators determine if the right number of licenses are being used and if additional licenses are required. AWS License Manager also makes it easier to enforce controls on software usage to prevent overages, and helps reduce the time and costs for tracking and managing licenses.

Increased transparency

AWS License Manager provides a single, centralized view that allows tracking of all the licenses across AWS and on-premises. AWS License Manager’s built-in dashboard helps administrators track how many licenses are being used, how many are available, as well as how many licenses have breached usage limits. This helps administrators consolidate the view of all their licenses and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

How it works

AWS License Manager - How it works
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 You can set up AWS License Manager in different configurations, but in general there are three distinct phases: Define rules, enforce them, discover new software.

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