Amazon Launch Wizard

Easily size, configure, and deploy third party applications on Amazon.

Amazon Launch Wizard offers a guided way of sizing, configuring, and deploying Amazon Web Services resources for third party applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server Always On and HANA based SAP systems, without the need to manually identify and provision individual Amazon Web Services resources. To start, you input your application requirements, including performance, number of nodes, and connectivity on the service console. Launch Wizard then identifies the right Amazon Web Services resources, such as EC2 instances and EBS volumes, to deploy and run your application. Launch Wizard provides an estimated cost of deployment, and lets you modify your resources to instantly view an updated cost assessment. Once you approve the Amazon Web Services resources, Launch Wizard automatically provisions and configures the selected resources to create a fully-functioning, production-ready application.

Amazon Launch Wizard also creates CloudFormation templates that can serve as a baseline to accelerate subsequent deployments. Launch Wizard is available to you at no additional charge. You only pay for the Amazon Web Services resources that are provisioned for running your solution.


Simplify application deployment

Amazon Launch Wizard makes it easy for you to deploy third-party applications on Amazon Web Services. When you input the application requirements, Launch Wizard recommends the right Amazon Web Services resources, and then deploys the selected resources for a production-ready application. This reduces the time spent in provisioning and configuring your key applications.

Automate Amazon Web Services resource selection and cost estimation

Amazon Launch Wizard recommends appropriate Amazon Web Services resources, including EC2 instance types and EBS volumes, to match your application requirements and presents you a cost estimate. You have the ability to modify the recommended resource selections and get an updated cost assessment.

Save time with repeatable code templates

Amazon Launch Wizard provides you with reusable Amazon CloudFormation code templates. These templates can serve as a baseline for your subsequent application deployments. You can save time by reusing these code templates to deploy your applications programmatically, instead of creating them each time you deploy a new application.

How it works

Launch Wizard Diagram

Use cases

Set-up production-ready SQL Server Always On deployments

With Amazon Launch Wizard you can specify your application’s components ranging from SQL Server node settings and AMIs to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Active Directory (AD), and EC2 instances to effortlessly create a production-ready deployment.

Set-up production-ready HANA based SAP systems

Amazon Launch Wizard helps customers choose the right SAP certified EC2 instances based on their performance specifications. Launch Wizard then deploys and configures the instances to run HANA and NetWeaver based SAP applications on HANA.

Test new configurations

When trying out new configurations for development and test, you can quickly create proof-of-concept (POC) deployments. This helps accelerate roll outs for new production-ready deployments.

Connect on-premises Active Directory to deployments

Amazon Launch Wizard enables you to connect your deployments to your on-premises Active Directory through Amazon Direct Connect. This is ideal if you choose not to run Active Directory on Amazon Web Services.

"Thanks to the Amazon Launch Wizard we create workloads in an automated way, speeding up our delivery time by 75% when provisioning SAP environments. Therefore, we can focus on what really matters; The high availability and disaster recovery strategy of our SAP clients, more than just the provision of environments.”

- Juan Vargas Sierra, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, 3hold

Lemongrass Consulting
“Lemongrass is an Amazon Web Services Premier Partner specializing in SAP & Automation. From our experience, we understand that most SAP-Centric organizations invest significant time and money in repetitive deployments of core SAP installations. During our preview testing of Amazon Launch Wizard, Lemongrass was able to rapidly & consistently deploy multiple Amazon Web Services best practice production grade SAP HANA & NetWeaver installations though a simple, console enabled, guided process. Any organization considering SAP deployments in Amazon Web Services should absolutely ensure that Amazon Launch Wizard is on their roadmap.”

- Ben Lingwood, CTO, Lemongrass

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