Getting Started with Amazon Key Management Service

The best way to understand Amazon Key Management Service is to review the Developer Guide, part of our technical documentation. You can use the Amazon Web Services Management Console or Amazon KMS APIs to create your first key and define a policy to control how it can be used in minutes.

Read the guide

The best way to understand KMS is to read the Amazon Key Management Service Developer Guide. The documentation will walk you through setting up your first master key and using it with an Amazon Web Services cloud service.

Read the Developer Guide »

Try the console

The easiest way to start using KMS is to use the console user interface located under the “Security, Identity & Compliance” section of the Amazon Web Services console. This user interface will walk you through setting up new keys and policies.

Go to the Amazon KMS console »

Get the SDK

Amazon Key Management Service is supported in the Amazon  SDKs so you can easily make Amazon Web Services calls using KMS as well as integrate KMS managed encryption into your own applications. To get started visit the Amazon Web Services Developer’s site today.

Get the Amazon SDK »

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