Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Capture, process, and store media streams for playback, analytics, and machine learning

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams makes it easy to securely stream video from connected devices to Amazon Web Services for analytics, machine learning (ML), playback, and other processing. Kinesis Video Streams automatically provisions and elastically scales all the infrastructure needed to ingest streaming video data from millions of devices. It durably stores, encrypts, and indexes video data in your streams, and allows you to access your data through easy-to-use APIs. Kinesis Video Streams enables you to playback video for live and on-demand viewing, and quickly build applications that take advantage of computer vision and video analytics, and libraries for ML frameworks such as Apache MxNet, TensorFlow, and OpenCV. Kinesis Video Streams also supports WebRTC, an open-source project that enables real-time media streaming and interaction between web browsers, mobile applications, and connected devices via simple APIs. Typical uses include video chat and peer-to-peer media streaming.

To get started, create a Kinesis video stream with a few clicks from the Amazon Web Services Management Console. You can then install the Kinesis Video Streams SDK on your devices and start streaming media to Amazon Web Services for playback, storage, and analytics. With Kinesis Video Streams, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront commitments or minimum fees.


Stream video from millions of devices

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams provides SDKs that make it easy for devices to securely stream media to Amazon Web Services for playback, storage, analytics, machine learning, and other processing. Kinesis Video Streams can ingest data from edge devices, smartphones, security cameras, and other data sources such as RADARs, LIDARs, drones, satellites, dash cams, and depth-sensors.

Build real-time vision and video-enabled apps

Easily build applications with real-time computer vision capabilities through integration with Amazon Sagemaker, and with real-time video analytics capabilities using popular open-source machine learning frameworks.

Playback live and recorded video streams

Easily stream live and recorded media from your Kinesis video streams to your browser or mobile application using the Kinesis Video Streams HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) capability.

Extract images for enhanced playback or Machine Learning applications

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams offers APIs and SDKs to help you extract images from your video streams. You can use these images for enhanced playback applications such as thumbnails or enhanced scrubbing, or for use in Machine Learning pipelines. Kinesis Video Streams offers on-demand image extraction via APIs or automated image extraction from metadata tags in ingested video.

Build apps with two-way, real-time media streaming

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams supports the open-source project WebRTC for two-way, real-time media streaming between web browsers, mobile applications, and connected devices. With support for WebRTC, you can use simple APIs to build rich applications like video chat and peer-to-peer data sharing with ultra-low latency and two-way communication between your applications and connected devices.


Amazon Kinesis Video Streams allows you to control access to your streams using Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM). It helps you protect your data by automatically encrypting the data at rest using Amazon Key Management Service (KMS) and in transit using the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Durable, searchable storage

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams uses Amazon S3 as the underlying data store, which means your data is stored durably and reliably. Kinesis Video Streams enables you to quickly search and retrieve video fragments based on device and service generated timestamps.

No infrastructure to manage

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams manages all the infrastructure for you. You don’t have to worry about configuration, software updates, failures, or scaling infrastructure as the number of streams and consuming applications grows. Kinesis Video Streams handles all the administration and maintenance required to manage your streams, so you can focus your time on building innovative applications.

How it works

Capture, process, and store media streams for playback, analytics, and machine learning.

How Amazon Kinesis Video Streams works

Build applications with ultra-low latency live streaming and two-way real-time communication.

Build application with ultra low latency live streaming

Use cases

  • Smart home
  • Smart home

    With Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, you can easily stream live video and audio from camera-equipped home devices such as doorbells, baby monitors, webcams, and home surveillance systems to Amazon Web Services. You can then use the streams to build a variety of smart home applications ranging from simple video playback to intelligent lighting, climate control systems, and security monitoring. You can use WebRTC capabilities for two-way, real-time media streaming and interaction for use cases like talking with the person at your doorbell or remotely controlling your camera-enabled robot vacuum from your mobile phone.

    Example: Interact with a camera-enabled doorbell from your mobile phone
    Amazon Kinesis Video Streams smart home use case

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