Amazon IoT Greengrass ML Inference

Deploy machine learning models optimized to run on Amazon IoT Greengrass devices

Amazon IoT Greengrass makes it easy to perform machine learning inference locally on devices, using models that are created, trained, and optimized in the cloud. IoT Greengrass gives you the flexibility to bring your own pre-trained model stored in Amazon S3.

Machine learning uses statistical algorithms that learn from existing data, a process called training, in order to make decisions about new data, a process called inference. During training, patterns and relationships in the data are identified to build a model. The model allows a system to make intelligent decisions about data it hasn’t encountered before. Optimizing models compresses the model size so it runs quickly. Training and optimizing machine learning models require massive computing resources, so it is a natural fit for the cloud. But, inference takes a lot less computing power and is often done in real-time when new data is available. Getting inference results with very low latency is important to making sure your IoT applications can respond quickly to local events.

IoT Greengrass gives you the best of both worlds. You use machine learning models that are built, trained, and optimized in the cloud and run inference locally on devices. For example, you can build a predictive model for scene detection analysis, optimize it to run on any camera, and then deploy it to predict suspicious activity and send an alert. Data gathered from the inference running on IoT Greengrass can be sent back to the cloud where it can be tagged and used to continuously improve the quality of machine learning models.



Amazon IoT Greengrass includes a pre-built TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, and Chainer package for devices powered by Intel Atom, NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and Raspberry Pi so you don’t have to build and configure the machine learning framework for your devices from scratch. In addition, it works with other popular frameworks including Caffe2 and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.

Deploy models to your connected devices with a few clicks

Amazon IoT Greengrass makes it easy to deploy your machine learning model from the cloud to your devices. With just a few clicks in the IoT Greengrass console, you can locate trained models in Amazon S3, select the desired model, and deploy it to the target devices. Your models will be deployed on the connected device of your choice.

Accelerate inference performance

Amazon IoT Greengrass also gives you access to hardware accelerators, such as GPUs on your devices, by supplying pre-built runtimes for the common ML frameworks and target devices, such as the Nvidia Jetson TX2 board.

Easily run inference on connected devices

Performing inference locally on connected devices running Amazon IoT Greengrass, reduces the latency and cost of sending device data to the cloud to make a prediction. Rather than sending all data to the cloud for performing machine learning inference, you run inference directly on the device.

Build more accurate models

Using Amazon Web Services, you can perform inference and capture the results, detect outliers, and send data back to the cloud where it can be reclassified and tagged to improve the machine learning model.

How it works

Greengrass ML Inference - How It Works

Use cases

Video processing

Amazon IoT Greengrass can be deployed on connected devices like security cameras, traffic cameras, body cameras, and medical imaging equipment to help them make predictions locally. With Amazon IoT Greengrass, you can deploy and run machine learning models like facial recognition, object detection, and image density directly on the device. For example, a traffic camera could count bicycles, vehicles, and pedestrians passing through an intersection and detect when traffic signals need to be adjusted in order to optimize traffic flows and keep people safe.

Retail and hospitality

Retailers, cruise lines, and amusement parks are investing in IoT applications to provide better customer service. For example, you can run object detection models at amusement parks to keep track of visitor count. Cameras locate the visitors and maintain a running headcount locally without having to send massive amounts of video feed to the cloud, which is often a challenge due to limited internet bandwidth. This solution can predict wait times at popular theme park rides and help improve the customer experience.


Security camera manufacturers are looking for new ways to make devices more intelligent and automate their threat detection capabilities. Amazon IoT Greengrass can help improve the capabilities of security cameras. IoT Greengrass-enabled cameras can continuously scan premises to look for a change in the scene, such as an incoming visitor, and send an alert. The cameras are able to quickly perform scene detection analysis locally and send data to the cloud only when required, e.g., for additional analysis to identify whether a visitor is a family member.

Precision agriculture

The agriculture industry is going through two major disruptions. First, the world’s population continues to grow, causing the demand for food to outweigh the output. Second, climate change is resulting in unpredictable weather conditions, affecting crop yields. Amazon IoT Greengrass can help transform agriculture practices and deliver new value to customers. IoT Greengrass-powered cameras installed in greenhouses and farms can process images of plants, crops, and data from sensors in the soil to not only detect environmental anomalies such as change in temperature, moisture, and nutrition level, but also trigger alerts.

Predictive industrial maintenance

As pricing pressure increases on manufacturers, they are looking for newer ways to help increase operational efficiency on factory floors. Delays in detecting issues on the manufacturing assembly line can lead to a waste of time and resources. Amazon IoT Greengrass can help you in early detection of faulty equipment and issues on the factory floor. IoT Greengrass-powered industrial gateways can continuously monitor the sensor data (e.g., vibrations, noise-level), predict anomalies, and take relevant actions such as send alerts or shut-off the power to minimize losses.

Yanmar leverages Amazon IoT Greengrass ML Inference as part of their IoT precision agriculture solution that increases the intelligence of greenhouse operations by automatically detecting and recognizing the main growth stages of vegetables.


Amazon IoT Greengrass ML Inference enabled IoT devices allows DFDS to predict and optimize ship propulsion, ultimately reducing fuel consumption for their entire fleet.

Leopard imaging

“The pervasiveness of artificial intelligence and the pace of digital transformation continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Innovations like the newest improvements to Amazon IoT Greengrass ML Inference that markedly decrease latency without decreasing the accuracy of ML inference accelerate new solutions to emerging industrial automation use cases for object identification and classification. Amazon Web Services’ new machine learning solution integrated with Leopard Imaging’s AICam powered by NVIDIA® GPU will be a cornerstone in any edge to cloud Industrial and Smart City solution.”

-Bill Pu, President and Co-Founder, Leopard Imaging


"The potential of computer vision use cases enabled by IoT and AI is vast for businesses to exponentially improve productivity and efficiency. In this time of intelligent transformation, our premium industrial Think IoT cameras powered by Amazon IoT Greengrass with the latest machine learning upgrades are engineered to make a notable difference to enterprise customers.”

- Jon Pershke, Vice President of Strategy and Emerging Business, Intelligent Devices


“Vieureka of Panasonic is very pleased to utilize the evolving functions of Amazon Web Servivces’ machine learning as enabled by Amazon IoT Greengrass. In order to offer Vieureka-Cameras and service management functions to all the partners of the Amazon Web Servivces community, I would like to develop an Amazon IoT Greengrass compatible version as soon as possible. We will create the environment for developers in the spring of 2019, with commercial versions available in autumn of the same year.”

- Miyazaki, CEO of Vieureka Service, Panasonic


“The addition of Amazon IoT Greengrass with its latest ML Inference update running on ADLINK’s industrial vision systems makes for truly plug-and-play IoT. Now when we power-on an off-the-shelf ADLINK NEON smart camera running Amazon IoT Greengrass with its latest ML Inference update, we can get to high-quality outcomes much, much faster. This allows us to further speed development of our IoT digital experiments for our logistics, quality inspection, industrial robotics, and other manufacturing customers.”

- Elizabeth Campbell, General Manager, The Americas, ADLINK Technology

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