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"After experimenting with different ETL frameworks, we ended up using Amazon Glue to power our day-to-day ETL processes. As easy as point and click, we are able to define and run ETL jobs in no time without complicated server provisioning. ETL-ing data from our data lake to our Redshift warehouse is just one of use case examples of Amazon Glue. The transformed data is then fed to our BI tools to track important key metrics, and it also serves as a basis for our credit scoring models, which have credit scored millions of customers. Last but not least, in a hyper-growth startup like us, being cost-effective is essential. Amazon Glue allows us to pay only for computing power that we need to run the jobs. It is amazing that leveraging Amazon Glue has enabled our small team of data engineers to run the whole data infrastructure in our company."

Umang Rustagi, Co-founder & COO - FinAccel



“Beeswax uses Amazon S3 and Amazon Glue Data Catalog to build a highly reliable data lake that is fully managed by Amazon Web Services. Our platform leverages the Amazon Glue Data Catalog integration with Amazon EMR in Hive and SparkSQL applications to deliver reporting and optimization features to our customers.”

Ram Kumar Rengaswamy, CTO - Beeswax

Selected customer successes

21st Century Fox
News Corp
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