With Amazon EventBridge, you pay only for events published to your event bus. There are no additional charges for rules or event delivery. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. All state change events published by Amazon Web Services services are free.

Pricing table

Amazon Web Services service events  Free
Custom events  ¥ 6.75/million custom events published
Third-party (SaaS) events ¥ 6.75/million events published
Cross-account events ¥ 6.75/million cross-account events sent

Pricing example

If a customer's application published 5 million events in one month, your charges would be calculated as follows:
The monthly price is ¥ 6.75 per 1 million events.
Monthly events = 5M events
Monthly events charges = 5M * ¥ 6.75/M = ¥33.75 per month
¥33.75 per month

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