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Amazon DynamoDB enables you to back up your table data continuously by using point-in-time recovery (PITR). When you enable PITR, DynamoDB backs up your table data automatically with per-second granularity so that you can restore to any given second in the preceding 35 days.

PITR helps protect you against accidental writes and deletes. For example, if a test script writes accidentally to a production DynamoDB table or someone mistakenly issues a "DeleteItem" call, PITR has you covered. 

Using PITR, you can back up tables with hundreds of terabytes of data, with no impact on the performance or availability of your production applications. You also can recover PITR-enabled DynamoDB tables that were deleted in the preceding 35 days, and restore tables to their state just before they were deleted.

You can enable PITR with a single click in the Amazon Web Services Management Console or with a simple API call. Learn more in the DynamoDB Developer Guide. For more information about pricing, see Amazon DynamoDB pricing.


Easy to use

Built into the DynamoDB console, you can enable PITR, or create, restore, and delete backups easily with a single click. You can fully automate creation, retention, restoration, and deletion of backups via APIs.

Fully managed

PITR backups are automatically encrypted and catalogued, easily discoverable, and retained until you explicitly delete them.

Fast and scalable

You can enable PITR on tables of any size. You also can restore from a backup to a new table across Amazon Web Services China Regions to help meet your cross-regional compliance and regulatory requirements, and to develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

No performance impact

PITR does not consume any provisioned table capacity and has no impact on the performance or availability of your production applications.

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